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One Habit That Will Change Your World!

As some of you may know Bob Proctor is one of my favourite experts in the field of law of attraction. Here’s a great video I thought you might like. You never know it could change your life, forever!


Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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Snakes and Ladders

Hello everyone,

I’ve been very quiet of late, I know, for that, I sincerely apologise.

I recently went back to work after five and half months off. I only started back part time but I immediately noticed the effect my job has on my life! Straight away I started to feel stressed and anxious. I could feel the panic slowly creeping up inside me. There was guilt at having been off for so long, resentment that in all that time nothing had changed. Still the same old faces not doing their jobs, still the same old management, seemingly either ignoring or oblivious to the fact that people were not doing what they should be. My closest friend at work still stressed to near heart attack point trying to run around doing a million and one things while someone else sits back and has a chilled afternoon because they’ve got “nothing to do”. Within the first two days I knew that I needed to make a change.

The reason I’d been off (as some of you may know) was because of a back injury, a back injury that had been made worse because of conditions at work. All those feelings of anxiety, fear, insecurity & resentment had disappeared while I’d been off and apart from my back I was really happy and content. I’d been working on my book, my blog was growing slowly and I was managing to post pretty regularly. All that went out of the window with said return to work!

One thing I’ve learnt on my law of attraction learning journey is that environment and the people you are surrounded with most definitely impacts on your thoughts and feelings, and, as we all know, it’s our thought s and feeling that determine our life.

Our environment, and the people in it, is the CAUSE, to the EFFECT, which is our life!

Boy, is my work environment causing some nasty effects! I had only been back about three weeks and I had already slipped back into old, negative, bad habits. I was tense, anxious, angry, I wasn’t eating properly, I stopped exercising, I was constantly moaning and talking about all the negative aspects of my job. I stopped writing on my blog because I was so tired and, if I’m totally honest, I was feeling very uninspired and just couldn’t be arsed!

Terrible, I know! I’m ashamed of myself. All the the things I talk about, all the things I’ve learned, all the things I’ve taught other people to do, and not to do, I just forgot all of it and slipped right down that slimy old snake, right back to the beginning of the game!

Now this is the point where I could have started to beat myself up and sink even deeper into negativesville but I chose to get straight back into the game and take my first step back towards the ladder to success. I decided that if I continued to let stuff at work bother me, stuff I couldn’t change, then I was just going to keep rolling unlucky die and sliding down those snakes, never reaching the winners square. So, I chose to look on the bright side. I’d had a little wobble, I’ve learnt that whether I get worked up about it or not, nothing is going to change, so I either need to accept things as they are and just worry about what I’m doing and not take on other peoples crap, or, I accept things as they are and do something about changing my situation. So I applied for some other jobs! I don’t know if I’ll be successful, I’ve applied for jobs that are totally different to what I’m used to, but, like I always tell my daughters;

“It’s better to be scared and try, then to not try and regret it.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m scared, but I’m trying. I’ve put myself out there, I’ve thrown the dice and I’ll either climb a ladder or encounter a snake, or, I might just move forward a few spaces closer to the winners square, who knows? At least I’m trying. I’m recognising what makes me unhappy and I’m doing something about it. If I’m not successful this time, then I’ll try again!

That seems to be the resounding theme at the moment. I don’t know if any of you are aware of the campaign here in the UK at the moment in conjunction with the Premier League (football/soccer) and primary school children? Well they have taken the old adage “Try, try, try again” as their campaign slogan. It’s a great campaign and it’s lovely to see so many famous faces getting behind it. Enhancing the lives of our young people by instilling good discipline and working practice in them. Reminding them that success is not always achieved first time around, but sometimes, and more often than not, after many, many attempts and perceived failures.

“There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.” – Tony Robbins

“There is no such thing as failure – just waiting for success.” – John Osborne

The moral of the story is this;

  • Do not beat yourself up for falling back into old habits.
  • Get back on the start square, throw the die and start the game over again.
  • Remember, there is no such thing as failure, only lessons to be learned.
  • Sometimes it takes sliding down the snake in the game of life to remind us where we were going.
  • Life is full of snakes and ladders. They are both blessings.


Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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The Three Keys To Success

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How come some people manage to attain great success while others stay stuck where they are?

What is it that successful people do that unsuccessful people don’t?

Is there a magic formula that only successful people know about?

The answer to all these questions is very simple and can be achieved with three simple steps.

  • Continuous Learning
  • Self Belief
  • Hard Work

It’s that simple. The three keys to success behind every successful person you ever met, read about or saw on TV are the same. They may be put to you in other ways. They be broken down into smaller, bite size chunks or sold to you as a work shop or online programme; but the fact remains that all that is standing between you and great success are continuous learning, self belief and hard work!


I recently wrote about Jack Canfields ‘Hour of Power’ in A happier, healthier you in 3 simple steps! and one of the things he says to do in your ‘Hour of Power’ is to read for twenty minutes a day. The importance of this is that we should never stop trying to improve ourselves and our minds. Jack recommends reading motivational books, articles and news reports. Brian Tracy is another great believer in constant learning. He says:

….develop the habit of continuous lifelong learning….

We are never too old, or too young, to start learning something new. It is never too late to improve on the knowledge we already have. We can never know all there is to know about anything. Continuous learning makes us grow as human beings. It teaches us things we never imagined we would be able to do. Our success in everything from business, to relationships, to life in general starts with learning. We learn from our mistakes and our failures. We learn from our fellow man. Treat every experience as an opportunity to learn.

The key is to commit to your continued learning. Read every day. If it’s your relationships you want to make more successful, dedicate your reading to books about building great relationships and improving relationships. Learn how to look to yourself to improve on your relationships. What can you do to improve yourself and, therefore, your relationships.

If you want to make your business more successful, commit to learning more about your specific area of business or field of expertise. Learn more about your competitors and customers. Read books and magazines that relate to your business.

Seek out a mentor. Find someone who you aspire to become as successful as and ask them for support and advice. Approach them and ask if they would be prepared to mentor you. Don’t think in terms of how much something will cost you, that is not how you get what you want. You need to think in alignment with what you want, you need to match the vibration of what it is you desire.


Successful people all have one major thing in common, they all have an abundance of self belief. They believe, without question, that they are successful. This does not mean that they don’t have doubt or worry or fear, of course they do, they wouldn’t be human if they didn’t. The difference between successful people and those who are not successful is that they don’t allow that doubt or worry or fear to stop them going after their goals. They use it to drive them forwards. They don’t make decisions based on these negative emotions. They don’t let doubt or fear or worry stand in their way. They face their fears head on and just push on through!

The key is they have a goal, a clear vision of what they want. They don’t limit themselves by thinking they can only go so far. To successful people, there are no limits. They think strategically not reactively. They match their thinking to their goal. Successful people believe that everything is possible.

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Jim Roth’s famous quote. If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with then it figures that you should surround yourself with successful, positive, motivational people who all have similar goals and visions as you. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and encourage you. If you look at successful people you will notice that the people they surround themselves with are all very similar in terms of success and vision.

Success is not just financial or business success. To be truly successful means to have balance and abundance in all areas of your life; work, relationships, financial freedom. The freedom to travel and enjoy life and spend time with the ones you love. Freedom to give. Freedom to help and support others less fortunate than yourself.


You cannot and will not achieve anything without action! Successful people know this and work hard to achieve their goals. They know that in order to be the best version of themselves they must push themselves and take action every day. Nothing is ever achieved by sitting around dreaming. Your dreams can only become reality if you take action. Nobody can do it for you. Only you can make your dreams come true. Only you can make your vision a reality.

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Do what you can with what you have.

Successful people were not always successful. They started with what they had, they worked hard and they watched as their businesses grew. Lord Alan Sugar started by selling car aerials out of a van he bought for £50, in 2016 his estimated fortune was £1.15 billion!

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You may not have thousands of pounds in the bank, you may not know all the answers, but as long as you have a clear vision and you make the choice, to take the first step and not let doubt and fear and worry stop you in your tracks then you are already a success. Push yourself. Take action every day. Commit to work hard to achieve your goals. Follow the three keys to success and you cannot fail. It is the law of the universe. You are the creator of you world. Create something great!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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When the universe keeps sending you signs, it’s time to pay attention and take action!

I am a strong believer in higher guidance and universal alignment. I believe that we should always take notice of the signs that are all around us, the messages that we receive. We have an inner guidance system that continually pushes us towards what we desire. This is why it is so important to take notice of what is happening all around us. To take notice of the messages that the universe is sending us and why it is vital that we are mindful of our thoughts.


Don’t allow rogue thoughts to attract what you don’t want into your reality. The universe send us what we ask for!

Recently, every email I have received and every blog post I have read has been a reminder that we are creatures of habit. We don’t even realise we are doing the same things over and over again. We get stuck in a routine and just keep repeating the same old habits on a daily basis, like a needle stuck on a broken record. Sometimes our habits are good and lead us on to create great things in our lives, but, sometimes, our habits are bad and lead us into failure and disappointment.

Like I said, every thing I seem to read recently has been on this subject so I thought it was about time I started to take notice and take a look at some of my own bad habits and what I could do to change them. I mentioned in a previous post The 90 Day New Habit Challenge with Brilliance Within that I had signed up to a 90 day new habit challenge that one of my fellow bloggers has set up. You can join the challenge by using the link above. This was just one of many signs I have received about changing my habits. Several books I have read recently have all had similar messages about the habits we form and how they can either drive us forward to success or hold us back and lead us to failure.

Yesterday, alone, I had three emails all about changing our habits!

So I thought it was time I started really listening to the universal messages that were being sent to me. I’ve started my The 90 Day New Habit Challenge with Brilliance Within and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. I’ll keep you posted with my progress.

One of the key points I have picked up through my recent reading is that whenever we start to form a new habit or change a bad one for a good one we have to remember that we are reprogramming our brains. Our brains are like robots and they need to be programmed to work how we want them to. We can’t just flick a switch one day and say “OK, I’ve done it this way my whole life but now I want to do it that way” and expect our robot brains to just go “Oh, OK”, it just doesn’t work like that.

Let me use smoking as an example; for those of you who smoke, or have ever smoked, you will know that when you start it is never a good experience, but for some reason you keep at at until, hey presto, you’re hooked. You keep trying over and over until one day you don’t cough your guts up when you inhale, it doesn’t taste awful and you start to actually enjoy smoking, then, you need it, you’re hooked! You have created a habit through persistent repetition!

It’s the same for any habit. You repeat something over and over until your brain says “OK, so we’re doing this every day now. Righto!” And so the habit is formed and becomes a part of your every day life. It is no longer a challenge, no longer something that feels strange to do. It becomes as natural as getting up in morning or brushing your teeth. It becomes HABIT!

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The thing is that habits, good or bad, appear to be easier to create than they are to break. This is great when creating new, good habits, but a little more frustrating when trying to break those old, locked in, bad habits. The good news is that it just takes a little perseverance and a lot of repetition. All you need to do is decide what habits you want to break and what ones you want to create.

“…….remember that a paradigm is a multitude of habits that are lodged in your subconscious mind…….you must change the paradigm in the same way it was created – through repetition of information.” – Bob Proctor

Now, don’t go in like a bull in a china shop and try to break all your old, bad habits, all at once, while trying to create loads of new, good habits at the same time. If you do that you are setting yourself up for failure. Below are some of the tips I have learned over the last few days from all the great life changing gurus I subscribe to:

  • Start with just one habit you want to change
  • Take it day by day. One step at a time
  • Don’t give up if one day you relapse back into a bad habit or don’t stick to your daily target towards your good habit. Start over fresh tomorrow; remember breaking/creating new habits takes time and practice
  • Tell people about what you’re doing. You are less likely to give up if you know other people are watching your progress
  • Seek support from friends and family. Good support will boost your chances of success and receiving encouragement from people who matter to you will also boost your confidence and keep you motivated
  • Know what your end goal is. Why are you doing this? What do you want to achieve? Having a goal to focus on gives you something to work towards and keeps you going when you are struggling the most
  • Give yourself a pat on the back at the end of each successful day. If you’re finding it hard the next day remind yourself that you got through yesterday so you can get through today. ONE DAY AT A TIME!
  • Believe in yourself. You CAN do this

It’s never going to be easy to reprogram your brain. You have spent a lifetime doing things in a certain way and it will feel alien trying to turn it around, but it is so worth it. Great results require hard work, lots of effort, perseverance and repetition. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. If it was it wouldn’t be worthwhile!

Good luck changing your habits and becoming the person you always dreamed you could be.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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A little inspiration!

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Oh what simple words. So easy to say. So seemingly easy to do. But what happens when fear gets in the way?

We all know that to be successful and achieve our dreams we must take action. I have spoken about it many times before in previous posts. Why then do we allow fear to stop us in our tracks before we even get started?

Maybe, take Mark Twain’s quote and use it as a daily reminder that in order to succeed we must first take action!

I think I will add this to my daily affirmations to keep me focused on what I want to achieve and not what I fear.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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We are the Masters of Our Universe!

Hello everyone, I hope I find you all well and rested from the weekend?

I have to tell you that I had a lovely weekend of rest and relaxation with my wonderful family. I did think this weekend was going to be a bit of a let down, as we had no plans, and after the busy weekend we had last week for my birthday, I thought it might fall a bit flat. As it was I spent Saturday morning catching up on chores (not so exiting, I know, but the end result always fills me with  a sense of achievement and pride), then I snuggled up on the sofa with my youngest daughter and ‘the hubby’ to watch a good film, followed by a scrummy dinner. Sunday was just as lazy. Tea with a friend in the morning while hubby was at the gym (I’m not allowed at the moment because of my ongoing back problem), pruning and weeding in the garden (I love spending time in my garden, even if I am working), we cooked a delicious Sunday roast, we all watched another film (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! I highly recommend it if you haven’t already watched it) and generally lazing about like a sloth!

Oh, I also had a couple of lovely walks with the beast that is Archie (see below).

Are we going for a walk or not?

Aside from general slothing about for most of the weekend I did read two wonderful books. The first was As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, the second was The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. Both books I have read before and shall definitely read again. The Strangest Secret was originally an audio recording that has since been transferred to eBook format but can still be listened to in it’s original format.

What I love about both of these books is their simplicity. There are no airs and graces, no pretence to be anything other than what they are. Straightforward, simple messages, that are as profound today as they were when they were first published (or, in the case of The Strangest Secret, recorded).

One of my other favourite books to read is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles. This is another book I return to regularly. All three remind me that I have the power, WE have the power, to be, do or have, whatever our hearts desire. All we have to do is believe. Everything that is in our life now is there because of a thought we had in the past. Everything, good and bad, is here due to our own making. We have the power to create our lives and shape them any way we choose. It is us who control our destiny, not fate or our friends and family, not politicians or our employers, we are the masters of our universe and we have to take responsibility for that once and for all!

In James Allen’s book he talks about the affect thought has on our lives. How it affects our health, our jobs, our relationships and our surroundings. It is a great reminder that we must take more responsibility for our thoughts, for we are the only ones who can control them. It is us who decides if we have good thoughts or bad thoughts. It is us who decides our fate by choosing pure or impure thought processes. What we have created as our lives is solely down to us. If we do not like what we see we must change the way we think in order to change the results we get. No man can think for another. No man can impress his thoughts into anothers mind to change the way he thinks or acts. Only we can change who we are and how we think and ultimately what we create.

“Thoughts of doubt and fear never accomplished anything, and never can. They always lead to failure. Purpose, energy, power to do, and all strong thoughts cease when doubt and fear creep in……….He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.”

“As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.”

“A strong man cannot help a weaker unless that weaker is willing to be helped, and even the the weaker man must become strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.”

James Allen

It is time we take stock of our lives and what we have created. Have we achieved all we wanted to achieve? Are we happy with our lot? Do we feel good about what we have and how we came by it? Now that is a question!

For if to achieve all that we can we have betrayed and hurt others, used our fellow man to meet our own gain, then we will never be happy. No matter how many riches we may gain or how much success we might have, if it is attained by devious means then it will haunt us for all our days. We will suffer in other ways, as the impurity of our thoughts and actions must come back to us. It is the law of the universe. What we think, we become. It cannot be that we have wicked thoughts and actions and not receive results pertaining to those thoughts and actions. Be sure, that in the search for greatness, you always hold your fellow man close to your heart. We are all born with a life purpose and that purpose should be for the greater good of all. We must all work together to help one another, work to improve not only our lives but the lives of others. To share in our knowledge and abundance for the good of all, there can be no greater blessing. I am not saying that you should give away all that you have worked so hard for or that you should feel guilt at your success. I am saying that what you do should in some way or another be for the good of others, as well as yourself.

We live in an age where we want everything and we want it now. Everything we have ever desired is at the tip of our fingers. There is no waiting, no anticipation. Everything is instant. Because of this we have lost the joy in what we have. Sure we have fleeting moments of excitement when something new arrives but it doesn’t last long and then we are looking for the next quick fix to feed our ego and stroke our materialistic desires.

One of the things I read over the weekend is something that touches me every time I read it. The words are so simple but so true. It is something we all forget, especially in the throw away society we have created for ourselves where even the most expensive trinket is but a disposable toy, easily replaced by the next big thing.

“Everything that’s really worthwhile in life came to us for free: our mind, our soul, our body, our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions, our intelligence, our love of family and children and friends. All these priceless possessions are free, but the things that cost us money are actually very cheap and can be replaced at any time.” – Earl Nightingale

These words never fail to touch my soul. How true they are. For we strive to achieve money, fame, success, material possessions beyond our wildest dreams; but these are but worthless idealism’s if we do not first appreciate what was given to us for free. For me the most priceless of them all is the love of my family. For without the giving and receiving of love we are but a shell, empty and worthless. Love is the starting point for all good thought. For when we start with love, our intention is love and our thoughts and actions reflect that, therefore what we get back, by universal law, can only be good.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx



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A happier, healthier you in 3 simple steps!

I received an email this week from the wonderful Jack Canfield. In it he describes what he calls his “Hour of Power”. Jack says this is an hour each day that is broken down into three simple steps.

The Hour of Power is a full hour broken up into three 20-minute sessions:

  • 20 minutes of exercise
  • 20 minutes of meditation
  • 20 minutes of reading

Jack says that he usually schedules this in the first hour upon waking to set him up for the day. He says:

 “….it will jumpstart your morning and have you feeling energized, focused, and engaged for the rest of the day.” – Jack Canfield

This seemingly simple exercise is something we can all fit into our day, no matter how busy we are. If, like me, your mornings are chaotic (at best) then try scheduling your “Hour of Power” for later in the day. Maybe before bed to set you up for the following day or during your lunch break; this is a good idea as it takes you away from the workplace, relaxes you after a busy morning and refreshes and motivates you for the afternoon ahead (there’s nothing stopping you tucking into your salad bowl or sandwich while you have your 20 minutes reading time!)

It’s definitely something I’m going to fit into my daily routine (even if it does mean I have to get up an hour earlier!)

Why not go check out Jack’s YouTube video to find out more.

Learn how to start you “Hour of Power”

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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O.M.G! Look.At.That.Face!

OK, so it’s best I tell you from the get go that this is going to be a bit of a rant!

In my previous post How to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss! I touched briefly on the celebrity portrayal of perfection and how, when we, as mere mortals, see these celebs in all their perfect glory it can be a bit overwhelming and disheartening. There seems to be a culture of photo shopping, cropping, editing, filters, botox, veneers, hair extensions and eyelashes that has transformed your average Joe, or Jane, from plain and ordinary to next level, almost unrecognisable, super model beautiful!

I saw a photo on Instagram today of a reality TV star and I almost didn’t recognise her! It was a beautiful picture and I cannot deny that she looked absolutely stunning. However, she had had her make done professionally (no chance of anything other than a perfect complexion), she had been contoured and highlighted to within an inch of her life, she had false eyelashes, coloured contacts, hair extensions that had then been professionally styled, I know she has only recently had her second set of veneers done, she was sprayed tanned, body contoured, very well lit, she was standing in such a way as to highlight all her best features and hide those not so perfect ones and there was at least one filter on the picture! I wont even get started on the botox and lip fillers! Now I can’t tell you how much effort this one photo must have taken but it was put out there as if it was just another bedroom selfie! Now that is what really got my blood boiling.

I have two young daughters who, I know, both follow this particular reality star. The youngest especially looks up to her as a bit of an inspiration. An empowered young woman who has made a name for herself on TV and now has her own range of make-up and fashion accessories. It’s a modern day success story and one that I would normally commend. There is nothing nicer than seeing someone go from nothing to being a successful, young business person, but, I cannot, and do not condone portraying yourself in such a way that it makes your young, impressionable followers feel like they too have to achieve this unrealistic image of perfection!

The girl in question is only young herself and when she first hit our screens was an awkward, slightly plump, very pretty girl. She had nice teeth, lovely hair, a pretty face and a lovely figure. It was obvious she wan’t comfortable in her own skin, but instead of feeling that she could learn to love herself and blossom from a slightly awkward teenager into beautiful a young lady she has ended up having numerous cosmetic procedures, botox, lip fillers, hair extensions, the list goes on and on. The girl is barely in her twenties!

How did we get to this point as a society? Why do our young women feel they need to do all of this to themselves to feel beautiful. How many horror stories have there been about fillers going wrong and people ending up disfigured, surgery leaving people with life changing scars and disfigurements. Young girls left bald where they have worn hair extensions for so long that their natural hair has fallen out. Why do we need to filter and photo shop every photo we post on social media so that the person we portray is barely a reflection of what we really look like. When did we go from whitening our teeth with baking soda toothpaste to having perfectly healthy teeth ground down to stumps and replaced with extreme veneers that look too big for the mouth and are so straight and so white they look like luminous, white gum shields stuck in our mouths.

What message are we sending our children, boys as well as girls. Where does it stop? When is it one filter too far?

We need to teach our young people that, YES, it is OK to be the best version of yourself that you can be. YES, it is good to take care of yourself and strive to present yourself as best you can. But you don’t need to go to the extreme. You don’t need to alter what God gave you. We are all beautiful. We must learn to love ourselves from the inside and then the outside radiates beauty that has no comparison.

I think it is so sad that people in the public eye, especially young people, are made to feel so inadequate in their own skin that they strive to transform themselves beyond recognition. The trouble is that it’s never enough. The botox fades and needs topping up, each time you need more and more. To start at such a young age is so unnecessary. Lip fillers get bigger and bigger. Hair extensions become more and more. Weight loss gets out of control. Teeth are never quite as white as they were when they were first done. Breast implants still sag after time and need a lift or a tweek or maybe even to just go up one more size. The spray tan needs topping up (since when were we sun kissed all year round like we’ve just been to the Maldives for three weeks!)

Let’s make a point to tell each other how special we are. How beautiful we all are in our own individual ways. Let’s promote self love and self care rather than picture perfect idealism. Let’s see if we can turn this culture of perfection around.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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The 90 Day New Habit Challenge with Brilliance Within

90 Day New Habit Challenge – Brilliance Within

I just had to share this with you all!

One of my fellow bloggers, the brilliant Wendy over at Brilliance Within is doing a 90 day new habit challenge. The idea behind the challenge is to create new, positive habits and rid yourself of all those old, bad habits that don’t serve your best purpose.

It’s a great opportunity to get yourself motivated and kick start some new habits and, best of all, you can have the support of Wendy’s Facebook group who are all signed up to the same challenge. You can help keep each other motivated every step of the way.

I’ve signed up and can’t wait to get started. I hope to see you all there!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

PS. If you’re not already signed up to the Brilliance Within website then I highly recommend you go check it out. It’s an inspiring blog with everything from fashion, to law of attraction to low carb recipes to help with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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Every Moment Matters

Related image

This week friends of mine have had to attend funerals of two young men in the prime of their lives. They were totally unrelated but the funerals were just a day apart. One was of a murder victim, the other was a young man who felt unwell one day and thought he had a bug, three weeks later he was dead.

Both circumstances so unexpected and heartrendingly sad for all involved. One day they were living their lives and planning their future, then the next it’s all over. As quick as that, no warning, just, THE END!

This got me to thinking about how much we take things for granted in our every day lives and how much time we waste worrying about the most trivial things. Our lives are consumed with going to work to pay the bills and, if we’re lucky, save for a holiday once a year or to treat ourselves to a night out or something new. We are stuck on a seemingly never ending treadmill doing the same old things over and over and not really living.

We take it for granted that we have all the time in the world and that we are going to live to a rip old age. That we will work all our lives to buy a nice house and hopefully have a little nest egg to retire with and that’s when we’ll start living. That’s the time we say we’ll have time to relax and enjoy our lives and go on all those holidays we always dreamed of. But what if that time never comes? What if just as we’re about to retire with your hard earned next egg, ready to start living the life you dreamed all these years of you drop down dead of a heart attack or you become so frail through age related illness that you never get to do any of those things?

What about all those people with long term, terminal illness? That could happen to any one of us. One day everything is fine and dandy, we’re trudging away on our humdrum treadmill, working for the man, then the next day some doctor tells you you have an incurable disease and they don’t know how long you’ve got! It could be weeks, months, years, who knows. That’s what happened to my friend and she has spent the last eight years on death row! I say death row because that’s what it is. You’ve been given a death sentence and now you’ve just gotta ride it out and hope you have enough time and can stay well enough to at least try to enjoy what time you have left.

So why don’t we live our lives?

Why do we just presume that we have all the time in the world?

What’s stopping us from living life to the fullest and making every second count?

Sometimes you’ve just got to live your life like there’s no tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed. We are not promised a minimum of eighty years where we will have good health and a lengthy retirement. Today is what matters, so make it count!

Chase your dreams.

Forgive yourself and others.

Dance in the rain.

Do all the crazy shit you want to do.

Don’t let other peoples drama ruin your day.

Love unconditionally.

Most importantly, be grateful for every second of every day and for every person in your life!

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“Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said.” – Unknown

Love and happiness

Catherine xx