Manic Monday

Well I think the bangle said it best “It’s just another manic Monday”.

I’m sure you’re all having the same sort of day as me. I don’t know why Mondays are always manic. But I tell you something, I am definitely manifesting a better Monday from now on. I think the fact that most of us dread Mondays and wish for the weekend to last forever is the reason Mondays always seem to be a bit mental. We bring this on ourselves. Before the days even begun we start to imagine all the scenarios the day could possibly unfold for us and hey presto, that’s exactly what we get!

So from now on Monday is going to be my favourite day. I’m going to start looking forward to Monday. Monday is not the big ugly monster I have always thought it to be. I think we’re all giving Monday a bit of a hard time. Let’s give Monday a break and maybe, just maybe, Monday might give us a break.

The law of attraction teaches us that what we think we attract. If we think Monday is going to be some nightmare on elm street/groundhog day monster mash, then that’s exactly what it will be. If, instead, we focus on Monday as a fresh start, the beginning of a wonderful week of great achievements and fulfilling accomplishments, then that’s exactly what we will get. We spend a lot of time at work and so shouldn’t we be focusing on making the most of that time. Making it the most joyful experience we can. If you’re sitting there thinking ‘there is nothing joyful about my job’ then ask yourself this question, ‘what will bring me joy?’. The answer is within you. Once you know what your joy is and you ask the universe to manifest it for you, all you have to do is believe and it will come to you. If you truly are unhappy in what you do, don’t focus on your unhappiness, the stress your under at work, the never ending workload, as all that will do is bring you more unhappiness, more stress, more work. You’ll be caught in a never ending circle of work, stress and misery. Stop, take a breath, find your joy. The universe will move all things, people and places to bring it to you, all you have to do is ask, believe and, I promise you this, you will receive.

Make Mondays the best day of the week. Fulfil your life’s purpose. Find your joy. Spend you time doing what you love. Start with the little things like, walking the dog, reading a book, having an oolong tea (that’s my thing). Whatever makes you happy, do that! The universe can only bring you more joy, more happiness and soon you will look forward to Monday, look forward to every day because what you are doing makes you happy and when you’re happy every one around you is happy.

In the end isn’t that what life is all about, being happy?

We only have one life and life is wonderful. Life is limitless. Our only limit is within our minds. Change your thoughts and you can have and be whatever you want to be. You never know, the change you make within you could impact on countless others. If the whole world opened their minds to the secrets of the universe imagine how different it would be. No more poverty, no more war, everyone would have enough, everyone would be equal. With everyone being joy and giving joy we would all be at one with the universe, the way God, Allah, Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, whatever God/higher being you worship, the principles are the same, love yourself and all around you and all your prayers shall be answered.

Now isn’t that better than a Manic Monday??


Love and happiness

Catherine xx




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