Changing your Paradigm

I’m loving every minute of my learning journey. Each day I learn something new about the law of attraction and the power of the Universe. I read amazing stories about how people have changed their lives, fulfilled their life long ambitions.

It’s not all about money and wealth and things. It’s about making the best out of who you are. Fulfilling your life. Finding your path so you can enrich your life and the lives of others.

The power of the mind is such an amazing thing. We pay so little attention to our thoughts and feelings. We don’t realise how they affect our lives. How every little thought we have today creates a result in our future.

We all know someone who always seems to have good luck. Everything they touch turns to gold. They could fall in the mud and come up smelling of roses and discover they’ve uncovered a miracle skin treatment in that very mud that will change the face of skin care forever! We look at them with envy. We wonder how they manage to turn everything they touch into one positive thing after another. We call these people blessed. But do you know what? We’re all blessed. We all have that in us. We can all create a life of purpose, joy and abundance. We can all be that lucky person. All we have to do is think that way.

I shared a post from Rex Sykes How to stop getting crappy results This is the whole crux of it. To get the things we want in life, whether it’s a better job, better relationship, better health, then we first need to get a better attitude. We need to retrain our minds. Get rid of the old paradigms that we’ve been carry around all our lives and get focused on what we really want. Who we really want to be.

Bob Proctor is an amazing man. He featured in the 2006 film The Secret. He is living proof that we can be anything we choose to be. He speaks about the power of paradigms and how they affect our ability to harness the power of our minds. This is the part I am struggling the most with. I know my journey is being slowed down by my paradigms. I know I need to change them. Remove the barriers they have created in my mind that are blocking my path to infinite joy and happiness. They have stopped me in my tracks and I cannot move forward until I let go of these old thought processes that tell me I can’t be any better than I am today. I know, deep in my heart that I can do and be and have anything I desire. I know that the life I want is out there waiting for me. Everything I ever dreamed of is within touching distance but my mind, my paradigms are blocking my way. There is a road block in my path to success. My own mind!

This, for me, and for many thousand of others, is the most frustrating part. When I started this blog I told you I wanted to share my journey. To prove that the law of attraction does work. To show the story from start to finish. But how can I do this if I can’t get past my own mind. If I can’t control the thoughts that are stopping me becoming who I want to be. I guess that’s all part of the journey. I will overcome my barriers. I have already seen, first hand, that the law of attraction really does work. I can use it for the small things. I fully believe. I just need to alter my thought process and believe that I too can have the bigger things.

I have seen a house I want. It’s nothing spectacular, it’s not a grand affair. But I love it. It’s way out of my current price range and to be honest I’m not in a position to move. The house isn’t even on the market! But this house has come in and out of my life in various situations for the last few years. I have no idea what it’s like inside, only what I imagine it to be like. I just know that I want to live there. I imagine the life my family would have if we lived there. How much better it would be for my kids. I imagine the cars that will be parked on the drive. The BBQ’s we’ll have in the summer in the garden. I can visualise the way the kitchen looks, how the stairs are positioned. My office at the back overlooking the garden. I have a small reading room (maybe doubling as my office, but all the same a room filled with books!) I can see the view from the window as I sit on the little window seat with my cup of tea, reading one of my favourite books. I can feel the cold autumn air as I walk my dog in the nearby woods. I imagine how much happier my husband will be when he doesn’t have to go to his horrible job every day. I can plan my day around getting the kids off to work and school, walking my dog, writing, helping others find their path. Showing them that the law of attraction really can work. I want to be able to help others find their true purpose. I want others to feel the excitement I feel when I talk about the power of the mind. We could change the world if everyone were to tune into the great power of the Universe. There is abundance and joy and love and respect enough for everyone to share. There does not need to be war and fear and poverty. If we all gave a little of ourselves to others. This is my path. This is what I want to do. I want to help people fulfil their true potential. I feel the gratitude for all that I have in my heart. As I write this it feels like it’s already my life. I feel happy, grateful, joyous. Yet, still I have the doubt. The paradigm in the back of my mind telling me this is not possible. This is not the life someone like me can achieve.

That, my friends, is what is holding me back. I know this. I know what I need to do. How I need to change my paradigm. I KNOW! So why can’t I get past this block in the road?


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