As my oldest daughter approaches her 18th birthday I have had time to reflect upon my life and I what I have contributed to hers.

I realise that the beautiful, strong, independent woman she has become is a result of the love and affection myself and my husband have poured into her. The strength she has as an individual is because we have made sure she has total belief in herself and her capabilities. We have taught her that she can achieve anything she wants with hard work, love and gratitude.

It has made me look at my own life. My own achievements, my strengths and weaknesses. It dawned on my at 5am this morning that I am truly very blessed. I have achieved so many things in my life but my children are my greatest success. They have both grown to be such lovely young women. They are strong, independent, caring, giving and loving. They are passionate about the things they believe in and are always kind to others. What more can a women ask for in her daughters. I am so proud of the women they are becoming and look forward to watching them grow more and more as each day passes.

Often we look at our lives, always wanting more. Always seeking something else to fulfil our desires. When we already have everything we need right under our noses.

Today, look around you. Be grateful for all that you have. Count your blessings. Love your life. For even in the darkest of hours there is always a light that shines brighter than any star in the sky that will fill your heart with love.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. That’s so true… You can and should be very proud of yourself for achieving one of the greatest miracles… happy, fulfilled children who can stand strong in their place in the world! Amazing x

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