Law of attraction

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while.

My journey has taken many twists and turns this last few weeks. I have had moments of total belief and moments of absolute doubt. I have questioned everything I’ve read, everything I believe. The nasty, biting, sceptic has crept it’s way into my mind. Weaving webs of doubt and mistrust. Planting seeds of negativity that fester and grow so quickly into strangling weeds that suck the life out of budding, blossoms of positivity. So easily we slip away from the now. We wander back into the pockets of our mind. The far reaching dark corners where we harvest all the self loathing, the lack of confidence, the inability to have faith, not only in ourselves but in all those around us.

Instead of morning affirmations, meditation and self love we choose to revert back to trawling social media. Bleaching our minds with tragedy, images of unobtainable perfection, messages of global crisis. Before we even get out of bed we feel deflated.

I don’t know if it’s a January thing. We spend so much of November and December preparing for the festive season. Excited to see loved ones, have some time off work and just be filled with tidings of joy (as they say). January hits and it’s all about getting in shape because we’re all so sloth like and non – perfect.  Monies tight. We’re all back to work and school. Another year begins. Dull, cold, dreary!

NO! Give yourself a kick up the backside. January – a fresh new year. Cool, crisp. New beginnings.  New adventures to be had. New people to meet. New things to learn. Get up early. Meditate. Say some positive affirmations. Do some yoga. Take the dog for a walk or simply sit, drink your tea, and thank the universe for this beautiful day. Your wonderful life. Your not so perfect body. Your faithful car that gets you from a to b every day. OK, so its not an Aston Martin  (yet) but it’s yours.

So often life gets in the way. We forget to appreciate the little things. Appreciate ourselves. Step back. Love what you have, who you are. Give love to all you come into contact with. Focus your energy on joy. Raise your vibration. Raise the vibration of others around you.

Don’t let January be your weed of negativity. Let January be the tiny seed that grows into a beautiful blossom that flourishes right through to December.

Soon the beating heart of love and February is upon us and we will have lost the joys of January oh so quickly for another year.

Let us focus on now. For tomorrow is never promised. Why rush through life, forever chasing tomorrow, when today has so much to offer.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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