Law of attraction

The Science of Getting Rich

Bob Proctor often talks about the book by Wallace D Wattles called The Science of Getting Rich. The book was published in 1910 and is written proof that the law of attraction is not just a 21st century fad. It makes for fascinating reading. Although the book is about becoming rich in terms of monetary wealth the basic principles are there to be applied to all areas of your life. It has been set out as an exact science but refers often to God and a higher source.

I was talking to a friend today who is of different faith to me. He is a devote Jehovah Witness and believes whole heartedly in the teachings of his faith. I, on the other hand, am a little more open-minded (I do not mean this to sound derogatory towards my friend in any way). Yes I have my faith, however, I believe that ALL faiths have something to offer. No matter what you believe, what faith you have, or don’t have, there is truth in all of it. They all link intrinsically into one another.  The Celestine Prophecy says that all faith has something to offer, there is truth in all. As human beings we need to take from each faith. They all tell the same story, the same truth. But in each one there is something that is more accurate than the others. By this I mean that although a Christian may tell the story of the beginning of our planet and human kind in one way, a Buddhist or Muslim may tell it another way. Same story, different version. But who is right and who is wrong. The answer is none of them! They are all right and all wrong. However, one is closer to the original truth than the other. What we should all learn is that if, as humankind, we were to work as one and take ‘snippets’, if you like, from each of the many religions of the world we would have the answers to all humanity. We would have the whole truth. The message and teachings that our higher power has wanted us to know from the very beginning. The meaning of life!

The more I learn about the Law the more things happen to lead me to learn something new. Does that make sense? One thing leads to another, to another, to another and so on. One author leads to another. One motivational speaker introduces you to another. The more you learn and open your mind, the more people and things come into your life to increase your knowledge and understanding. Your vibration increases and you attract to you the people and things you need to grow and move forward on your journey.

The Law of Attraction is a scientific process. It takes work and commitment to start with. You need to train you mind to work for you and in frequency with the Universe. Once you can overcome the obstacles of your own mind and break free from your paradigms you can control your thoughts. Control what you send out. Therefore, mastering what you receive.


Love and happiness, Catherine xx



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