Infinite Universe

law-of-attraction-karmaI think I have mentioned before that I work with the elderly? Well, today I was sitting talking to one of my residents. We were discussing to reality of our own mortality as we get older and how the older you get the less afraid you are of dying. Also, the older you get the easier it is to think and talk about your own mortality.

I am very lucky, I think, that I come from a family that has no fear talking about death. As a family we see it as a natural part of life. There is no fear of what will be or what if there is nothing after we die. We are very practical when talking about what should happen to us and what we want for our funerals. Some people find this morbid. We just see it as practical. None of us are afraid. We all have different beliefs and ideas about what happens when we die. If there is an afterlife or a God or Heaven. It’s a subject we don’t shy away from. I often joke that I will be happy to go in the incinerator in the garden!

Anyway, talking to my resident today I got to thinking about things. She was telling me about her son-in-law and how he believes everything is energy!

Science has proven that we are all made of energy. Our physical bodies are just an illusion, if you like, the same energy that flows through the sparrow in the garden flows through you and I. We are the same as the old oak tree in the park, the neighbour’s dog, the fish in the sea. Energy is infinite, therefore we are infinite. Only our physical bodies can die but our energy, or our spirit, goes on eternally.

Energy is limitless. There are no boundaries. Energy can manifest into any form. All things were created from energy through thought. Anything that can be thought can be created. Every living thing is the physical manifestation of energy.

The bible says God created man from the earth. Science says we evolved from organisms that came from the earth. Both are the same. The stories in the bible were written in such a way as to please the reader. Man’s interpretation of what happened. Science tried to disprove this only to prove the very same. The bible says God created the Earth. Science said there was a ‘Big Bang’. Science has now proved that the ‘Big Bang’ cannot of happened without an outside force. Everything was created from energy. A force, unknown, caused this energy to manifest in physical being. As man evolved and our brains unlocked limitless potential so man created more things from energy. Each thing created started as one thought. First the wheel, then the cart, the bicycle, the car, the train, the plane, the spaceship! Man has created a whole new world of technology! We are capable of things now that only 50 years ago would have seemed like something out of a science fiction comic!

But, I digress. Both religion and science agree on one thing. Everything is energy and one ‘force’ created everything.

No matter what you believe these facts are indisputable. Whether you are a devout believer in one faith or another or a firm believer in science you cannot escape the facts.

So if everything is energy and the universe is infinite then no matter what we believe we have nothing to fear in death. For in the end it is only our physical that dies.

Why then are we so obsessed with our physical? Our appearance, our weight, our height, our hair colour, our skin colour? Physical is but an illusion……….. A post for another day.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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