Don’t forget synchronicity….

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One of my fellow bloggers reintroduced me to the wonderful Jack Canfield recently. Since then I have signed up to his brilliant Success Principles 10-Day Transformation course. It has opened my eyes to where I have been going wrong and what has been blocking my progress.

I’ve really noticed a whole lot of synchronicity in my life recently. It’s not that it hasn’t been there before, it’s just that I’ve been walking around with my eyes shut for a while. I didn’t know they were shut. I didn’t even realise that I was blocking my own progress. It was only when I was browsing through the reader last weekend that I read one post that lead to another, to another, that lead to me watching a video from Jack Canfield, that lead to me connecting to his site, which lead to me signing up to his course. But that’s not all. I started to use the principles I am learning and I’ve already started to see changes. I’m noticing more synchronicity. I was thinking about one of the tasks today while browsing through the reader when I came across a post with a video of Conor Mcgregor talking about the law of attraction. It gave me even more inspiration! Conor said that he has always spoken and acted as if he already had everything he dreamed of, even in the face of adverse poverty and struggle. This is something I have been doing wrong! I talk about the things I want, how I would like my life to be and what I want to achieve, but I talk about them as ‘wants’, not ‘haves’. You see, if any of us are going to achieve all we can then we must first ACT as though we already have it!

Therefore, I am here to tell you that I ‘have’ written a no.1 best selling book that is going to transform your life!

Free vector graphic: Best Seller, Seller, Stamp, Red - Free Image ...  Free illustration: Bestsellers, Best Seller, Direction - Free ...  Free vector graphic: Best Seller, Seller, Stamp, Red - Free Image ...

Love and happiness

Catherine xx




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