Law of attraction

One small step…..


So often we quit because things don’t always go to plan. We reach the first hurdle and decide that it’s too hard so we give up. Or we quit before we’ve even started through fear of failure or rejection (see my previous post Feel the fear and do it anyway!).

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction

Ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Tip toe if you must,but take the step.

Where would you be now if you had taken that first step? What would you have achieved if you hadn’t quit at the first hurdle.


All the great people of this world faced their fair share of hurdles along the way. The only difference between successful people and those who are still sitting at home watching TV complaining they never get any luck is that successful people DON’T QUIT!


So next time you think it’s too hard to move forward, look at where you are, is that where you want to stay? Are you happy with your lot? If you are, then that’s OK to. If not, then take that first tiny step, tip toe gently forward, it may be the best thing you ever do.

Follow what you love. Don’t stick with your 9 – 5 just because it’s the norm. I know it can be scary when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed but life is about being happy, living life to the fullest. We were created to have balance. To nurture our mind, body & soul. How can we fulfil our life purpose if we spend our days working tirelessly at a job we hate, leaving us so exhausted that we have no desire to do anything other than slob in front of the TV when we get home. How can we expand our mind if it is turned to mush through stress and financial worry.  We need time to meditate, to study and to travel. We need to be able to relax completely, allowing our bodies to recharge. We need to be able to experience all this glorious world has to offer. To do this we must have time and be free from financial burdens. To do this we must follow our joy and all these things will follow effortlessly. To do this we must first take that step and vow not to quit!

A brilliant blogger I follow, Wendy at The Brilliance Within wrote an excellent post this week about how we must often experience hardship before we achieve our dreams. Go check out her post Law of Attraction part 4 and while you’re there why not read the previous posts in her Law of Attraction series, they make for truly inspirational reading.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


5 thoughts on “One small step…..

  1. I’ve always been curious. I think a body needs to be to truly experience life in all its modes. The moment I quit, I miss the opportunity to experience what’s on the other side of the struggle. I remain curious.

    Now… I realize that not every door is my door. Thankfully, life offers a number of them. My favorite motto is: “Always tested, Never Beaten!”

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