Sticks and Stones

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

We are taught this as children, well at least I was. It’s our parents way of trying to protect us from the mean things other children say. The words flow so easily from the mouth but are not so easy to live by.

Bullying is increasingly becoming more of a hot topic with TV shows like Eastenders and Coronation Street incorporating it into their story lines to try to raise awareness and with so many high profile celebrities speaking out about their experiences with bullying. So why then is the government not doing more about it?

How do these images make you feel? For many, sadly, they will bring back haunting memories long buried in some dark corner of the mind labelled “never to be opened”. For others they may resurface memories of how they used to behave, inciting shame. There are those who will look upon these images and find them funny, see now wrong in them. These are the people who sadly believe the old nursery rhyme that words can never hurt. Those are the people who contribute to the image below:

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Katie Price has recently launched a petition to make online bullying a criminal offence following her son Harvey being the victim of online bullies. Follow the link to sign the petition. She also went so far as to name and shame internet trolls. Good for her I say. Why should they hide behind their faceless, nameless computers? What right do they have to destroy the lives of innocent people without a thought for how their poisonous words affect those targeted.

I read a statistic today that said that children as young as five are self harming because of bullies!

download (7)

Imagine this was your child. We send them off to school so full of excitement and anticipation. We tell them they are going to be OK. That school is a safe, fun environment for them. We send them off with promises of making new friends, learning new things. We send them off, unable to protect them from the cancer that is growing in our schools. The venomous poison that, thanks to social media, as they get older, they cannot even escape once they come home. Home where they should feel safe.

I hear you ask why I have chosen to write this post. What has it got to do with the law of attraction and my journey. I’ll tell you. My journey has brought me to this blog. Brought me to meet other bloggers. It brought me to a beautiful blog called The Writing Garnet. I have a love of books also. Recently she has written about her experience with online bullying in her post A little heads up on why I ‘disappeared’ for a week, as well as special thanks to a few folk. Her post really touched me. Please go and check it out and have a look at some of her other posts. She really knows her stuff when it comes to all things books!


The thing is, it has started a whole chain of synchronicity that made me realise I had to write this post. The more awareness we bring to bullying and it’s effects, the more we shame the cowards that think it’s OK to destroy someones life with their vitriolic, malicious words without even giving it a second thought, the more we can beat these bullies and stop others from becoming one of the ever increasing statistics of bullying. Bullying is not something that just happens in schools and colleges it transfers into the workplace as we become adults. Bullying destroys lives!

May you always be free to be the person you were born to be without feeling as though you are not good enough, not beautiful enough, simply just not enough.

You are perfect just the way you are.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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