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Dorrie and the Witch Doctor


This was my favourite book as a child and if I’m honest it is still one of my favourites to this day. It’s a beautiful little book about a young witch, named Dorrie, her beloved cat Gink, and her grumpy, old Aunt Agra. My mum used to read it to me when I was young and I always loved the different voices she would do for the different characters. When I got older and had children of my own I read the story to them, trying my best to be as good at the voices as my mum (failing miserably lol). I also bought copies for my nieces when they were toddlers but I’m not sure my sister had the same enthusiasm for it as I did.

I still have my copy of the book. It’s lost it’s cover, the pages are all faded and ripped around the edges, most of it is being held together by sellotape and love, but it’s mine and I love it. I can’t imagine ever parting with it. It’s not just the story but the memories it holds for me.


As you can see it’s really a bit tattered, but it’s well loved. The ironic thing is I am so careful with my books and always have been. I really am anal about book marks and not turning corners of pages over. Books to me are something to be cherished and cared for. Apart from age related damage all the damage to this book was done by other people. Maybe that’s where I got my phobia of loaning my books out from lol.

Anyway, as usual, I digress!

The point of this whole post is that in the book Dorrie’s Aunt Agra starts off horrible, moaning, grumpy and downright rude! She has pains in her head and pains in her toes” (I so wish there was a voice option on posts right now!). She has allergies upon allergies and generally she is not a very nice person. Her arrival at Dorrie’s house completely changes the mood of the place, so much so that Dorrie develops Auntitis! The Witch Doctor attends and Dorrie is soon back to normal, thanks to a box of chocolate peppermints. However, while he is there, he looks at Aunt Agra. He teaches her to smile and he teaches her stand up without shouting (there’s also some more choclate peppermints). Aunt Agra’s pain goes away and she starts to feel like an entirely different person. The mood in the house completely lifts and they all have a party!

The book reminds me of the Law of Attraction. How being negative can impact on your health and well being. How constantly being in a paid mood breeds more negativity and more health problems. It shows that the power of positive thinking can greatly improve our state of mind and therefore our health.

images (6) (1)

I wonder if the author knew about the law of attraction when she wrote this book or if it was just happy coincidence. I wonder why I never noticed the significance before. I wonder if this book, out of the entire series, was gifted to me at such a young age to introduce me to that Law of Attraction. I wonder if it came into my life again when my children were born and when my nieces were born to ‘shove me in the right direction or maybe it’s just a lovely book that holds special memories for me and it is only now that I can see the hidden message because now is the time I am ready to receive it.

Dorrie and the Witch Doctor is available to buy on Amazon along with other titles in the series.

This is my personal recommendation and I have not been paid to promote this book or Amazon.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


3 thoughts on “Dorrie and the Witch Doctor

  1. Great post Catherine 😊
    Thank you for sharing the story of ‘Dorrie and the Witch Doctor ‘.How thoughtful and sweet of you to treasure your copy of the book.
    We all I believe have our favorite children’s book but you are really exceptional. Thank you again for sharing your book with us.
    BTW thank you for the follow. I fell in love with books at an early age; I remember my first reading book and how excited I were to hold it in my hands.


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