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Cleanse your space, raise your vibration!

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I recently watched a video by Denise Linn about space clearing. The concept behind it is simple. Clear the negative energy and increase positive energy.

Denise talks about that feeling you get when you walk into a room or building and you immediately get a ‘bad vibe’. You know the feeling right? As soon as you enter that negative space you want to leave. You can be in a perfectly good mood but once in that oppressive, negative environment you can almost physically feel your mood deflating. Nothing good is going to come out of this, right? Wrong.

We can raise the energy in a room or place in just the same way we do in ourselves. Clearing out the negative vibes and injecting some positive energy and vibrations back into the room.

Denise says that whenever we move into a new home or office space we should clear the space of any old energies, even if they feel OK, to make way for our own energy.

You wouldn’t buy a second hand wardrobe and still keep all the old clothes in it would you? No, you would clear the space to make way for your own stuff. The principle is the same when it comes to energy.

Everything is energy and is held in a space until that energy is cleared. Everything that happens in that space leaves it’s energy imprint behind. All those arguments, times of ill health or sadness. All those times when you felt low and emotionally exhausted. All that energy builds and builds and stagnates suffocating any positive energy that enters a space until you are left with that space that when entered compels you to leave.

Cleansing a space can dramatically change your life. Filling a room or home or office space with positive energy creates vibrations that are sent out singing into the universe which in turn sends back more good things, love and abundance to you.

The concept of using sound to clear your space is so easy and any one of us can do it using things we have lying around the house. Obviously, if you want to go more in depth there are tools out there to help you. But there are also plenty of free videos on YouTube full of ideas and free advice.

  • The idea is that first you must clear your space of all clutter. Those old magazines and newspapers that nobody has read or has any intention of reading. Pick up the laundry and discarded shoes that have been so carelessly cast away. Free up the space ready for cleansing. This act alone starts to clear the energy in the room and also makes you feel better because you’re not surrounded but things you no longer want or need or reminders of unfinished household chores.
  • Once the space is cleared. Take a bell or something else you have that makes a sound (Denise said you can even use two wooden spoons if that’s all you have), stand in the doorway of your room, hold your ‘sound object’ close to your heart and thank the Earth for the elements that it’s made of, say thank you to the hands that crafted it, say thank you for the synchronicity that brought it to you. Connect with your object. Send it love straight from your heart.
  • Then all you have to do is make your sound! Slowly, carefully and with love, move your object around the room, gently making it  sound. Feel the vibration that it creates. With each sound it makes it is clearing out negative energies and replacing them with your own positive, loving energy.

You will be able to feel the energy in the room raise. The space will feel cleansed and full of love and positive vibrations. Most importantly you would have imprinted your energy into the space.

Give it a try. See what you think and let me know how you get on. Most importantly, have fun with it. This is, after all, about creating positive energy and high vibrations and making your mark on your space.


Below are a few of links to videos if you don’t have anything you can use at home to help clear your space.


Space clearing video by Sandra Itenson Sweetman of My Divine Blueprint

Schumann Earth Frequency Clearing and Removing Negative Energy

Bali Priesterglocke Space Clearing Bell

Love and happiness

Catherine xx







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