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Showing Gratitude – my beautiful garden!

Looking round my garden this week I have realised how truly lucky I am to have such a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Below are some picture of my favourite bits. I especially love the swinging egg seat under the wisteria cover pergola. It’s situated next to the pond so when you sit there not only are you surrounded by the stunning wisteria but you have the soothing sound of the fountain from the pond, and if your really lucky the resident frogs pop up and sing a little chorus!


The last of the few remaining buds on my camellia. I have two of these in different shades of pink. Both taken from my late grandparents garden. I wish I has some photos of them both when they were in full bloom. They were magnificent!








Apologies for the washing line LOL. Meet Archie.


A little gift from a friend recently. Love the two-tone of the petals.


Don’t adjust you glasses, poor camera skills LOL


My favourite place to sit, especially when the sun hits it.



One thought on “Showing Gratitude – my beautiful garden!

  1. Yes you have a very beautiful garden! That would be my spot to go relax and take in the beauty in nature, I could write and think so peacefully🌸✨

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