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9 Ways to raise your vibration

I said in one of my previous posts, The Twelve Laws of the Universe #2 , that I would write a post about raising your vibration or energy. I’ve looked into this a lot during my journey and these are some of the best ones I’ve found that work for me.


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There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to blow off the cobwebs of negative energy and raise your vibration. Also scientists have proved that getting outdoors and being at one with nature can seriously improve you mood and general well being. 

So with the 3 day weekend ahead of you it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Feel the energy from the trees and plants around you, connect with it. Feel the sun on you face. Even if it’s a bit chilly, wrap up warm and let the energy flow into you and raise you vibration.

Now, I’m not telling you you have to go hug a tree or anything but if that’s what floats your boat and it gets those vibrations rising and your energy back on track then so be it!

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Music is the spice of life! It doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into it is guaranteed to give you a boost. Whether you choose something chilled, soothing and relaxing that you can lay back to and let the soft tones envelope you, slowly lifting your vibration or you chose something upbeat and funky that you can dance around the room to giving you an instant boost, either choice is definitely going to lift you energy and vibration! You could also grab a hairbrush and get your inner Beyonce on in the shower!


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Laughter is a great way to raise your vibration. I like to get together with friends and catch up on all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to them throughout their week. It’s amazing the stories people tell you about what goes on in their work places or home lives. Sometimes, things that seemed so serious at the time when talked about among friends suddenly become hysterically funny. Looking back on something in retrospect can really highlight if you have over reacted to something. Me and my friends often laugh at ourselves and our ‘Mum rages’. You know the ones when the kids are driving you nuts and suddenly the red mist descends and the wild woman of Borneo is unleashed! Usually it’s during the morning rush when time is short and the kids decided they are going in slow motion. You see the clock ticking and old father time running away from you, you slip into ‘what if’ mode…..’what if I miss my train’, ‘what if the kids are late for school’, ‘what if I’m late for work’. Once you’ve drop the kids off on time, caught your train and made it to work on time (as always) and you look back at the mornings events you slowly start to see the funny side. The funny side that your kids saw all along which is why they were sniggering in the back of the car when they thought you weren’t looking!

Another way to get your chuckle on is to watch a funny movie. Not only does the easy comedy lift your spirits but the sheer action of just kicking back on the sofa with a movie starts to lift your energy and raise your vibration.

Some other benefits of laughter:

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Look around you and find something to be grateful for. No matter what your circumstances there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS something to be grateful for! 

As you start to look around and ‘count your blessings’ you will automatically start to raise your vibration. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to let the universe know you are sending out ‘good vibes’. The more you are grateful the more things you will find to be grateful for. and the more your vibration will skyrocket!



My mum always told me that it takes less muscles to smile than it does to from. This means smiling = less wrinkles!


Also it has a positive effect on your mood and lowers stress levels resulting in higher energy and vibration.

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Showing a complete stranger is a great way to raise your vibration. Not only does it make them feel good, it makes you feel good and sends out a positive message to the Universe.

I try to do as many acts of random kindness a day as I can. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate gesture, it can be a simple smile as you pass someone by or letting someone go at a junction. You never know what this will do to their day (you never know they might just be a mum in banshee mode on the school run LOL!)

Today for example I help a lady in the supermarket who was struggling on her own with her shopping. He items were dropping on the floor and she clearly did not have enough hands. I couldn’t do much as I currently have a slipped disc in my back but I did what I could and helped her on her way. As I got in my car I felt my energy rise.

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Focusing on your breath instantly relaxes you. It also re-energises the body, raises your energy and helps reconnect you to the Universe.

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As I said in one of my earlier posts  space clearing is a great way to not only raise the energy and vibration of your home but also to raise your personal vibration. For more tips on how to cleanse the space around you and raise your vibration check out my post Cleanse you space, raise your vibration

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Meditation is a great way to relax you body and mind and recharge your energy. My friend and I used to practice meditation at work when we were feeling the strain.  Try the link below for a great mini meditation that relaxes you and gives your energy a much needed boost.

Meditation is proven to lower stress, help with depression, increase productivity, improve memory, boost creativity, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, boost your immune system, the list goes on and on.

I hope this has given you some ideas to raise your own vibration and energy.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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      1. I flicked back to some of your older posts too and all of them resonate so strongly with me. I love your focus on what really matters, gratitude, happiness and finding that inner peace. It’s what we all crave. 🙂💕

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