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Are you giving your energy away?


Hello again everyone. I have mentioned before, in some of my previous posts, about a book that was introduced to me by a work colleague called the Celestine Prophecy. I have also said that the first time I read the book I didn’t ‘get it’ but I persevered and read it again. The second time I read this book I noticed all sorts of things I did not notice the first time round. I also, finally, ‘got’ what the book was about. To this day it is still one of my favourite books.

Recently I have been thinking about the book a lot and decided that it was a sign that I needed to read it again. I always think it is good to read books more than once as you learn something new every time. I am still reading through the book at the moment but I have discovered that I missed so much before! I am not sure if it is because I am further along on my learning journey with the Universe or that I am more open and receptive to the messages within the book that I have picked up on so much more this time round but boy am I glad I decided to read it again!

In the book it talks about our personal energy fields and how they can be affected by people and things around us. Sometimes we feel ‘high’ and other times ‘low’. The Celestine Vision reinforces the truth that we are all energy, the only difference in what we perceive to be ‘physical things’ is the rate at which the energy vibrates. The book talks about our evolution from the beginning of time to the present day. It talks about our awakening as a society and our yearning to feel more connected with the ‘Life Force’ energy.

I will talk more about this in another post because today I want to talk about our energy field and how we could be subconsciously giving our energy away leaving us feeling weak, drained and inferior. Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, we can give so much of our energy that we become unable to concentrate or verbalise our feelings and thoughts. We become dominated by another person who saps our energy!

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Every living being is made up of energy. We need to keep our energy vibration high in order to feel good. In the past we have not been aware of this and have not understood why sometimes we feel strong, confident and exhilarated and other times we feel weak, inferior and exhausted. We have subconsciously entered into a power struggle with each other for one another’s energy in order to make us feel strong again. This is why when we get into an argument with another person we feel we need to dominate them, to win the argument. When we argue we enter into a battle of energy with the loser being left feeling weak and the victor feeling strong. The victor has taken the energy from the loser subconsciously. The same goes when we enter into an argument but come to an understanding or agreement that suits both parties, neither is left feeling weak as neither has taken the energy from the other. This also applies to making someone feel good. We all have that one friend who when we’re around we feel good. This type of person is normally very positive and vibrates at a higher energy level. They give away their energy freely, without even realising they are doing it. When we are around them we ‘top up’ on their positive energy.

The Celestine Vision teaches us that there is a better way. More and more of us are waking up to it. we are learning how to raise our own energy without sapping the life force out of someone else in subconscious power struggles. We are learning that we can increase our energy by connecting with nature (remember, every living thing has its own energy). Eating healthful, organic foods and being thankful for the food we eat enables us to absorb more energy. The fresher and more organic the food the higher the source of energy. Taking time to ‘connect’ to what we eat and savour every mouthful increases our energy intake. Giving thanks for the food we eat is not just a religious ritual it is a way of connecting and showing gratitude for the life force it gives.

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Have you ever noticed that when you are in an ancient woodland you feel more energised. You feel connected to the trees around you and the wildlife that resides there. That is because you are connected! Our energy is connected to everything else around us. We are one with everything in the Universe. The more connected we become the higher we vibrate. When we are in a place like this the energy is high and we find it easier to connect. When you are in a city or town where there are fewer trees the energy is lower. This is why some of the most ancient natural places on our planet are considered sacred by some. They are aware of the immense power and energy. Pilgrims flock to such places to meditate and restore their own energy in order to continue with their everyday lives. Some even retreat into nature altogether and turn their backs on our modern society for they are fully awakened to the real purpose of life.

It is believed that we will, someday, transcend our physical bodies and become at one with the infinite Life Force of the Universe. This is the next phase of evolution. We will be at one with each other and everything around us. There will be no poverty or pain, no conflict and wars. We will live in a Utopia of love and peace and harmony. Many religions already speak of this and we, as a society, have taken it that it is something that comes after death. But, there are those who believe it is achievable in life, now.

For now, I am coming to grips with raising my vibration and trying to connect to the infinite Life Force energy. I am working on how I interact with others. How I use my energy to raise their energy without draining my own.

To feel LOVE is the easiest way to raise your energy. Once you are in a state of love it is easier to connect with the energy around you. When your energy is high you are less likely to be susceptible to other people dominating you and draining your energy. You can protect yourself and, with practice, it is possible to alter another’s energy from a state of anger or fear to a state of love.

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I know this is all very ‘way out there’ but it is the period in time we are living in and we are all awakening to this understanding. It is new to us all. We have spent the last 1000 years thinking one way, we are not going to wake up to this new understanding over night. It will take time and practice.

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Let me know what you think. I always love to hear what your thoughts are.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx




4 thoughts on “Are you giving your energy away?

    1. I would definitely recommend the Celestine Prophecy series of books. They are written in a fictional format to try and appeal to more people I suppose. They are not the most well written books if you are a very literary person but the message is there. Like I said in my post I’ve read them a couple of times and have found something new each time. There is also a website called the Celestine Vision which is really good. P’s. I am not affiliated to any of the books or sites I mention so this is not a marketing thing. I just find it fascinating 😊 thank you for taking the time to read & comment on my posts. Have a great day 😊


  1. Lovely piece of writing. It’s absolutely true that we receive energy from positive friends. Let us together spread this love and positive energy! Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

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