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Manifesting tips & tricks to boost your progress.

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I have been dreaming a lot recently about writing this post but, as is the nature of a Virgo, I’ve been procrastinating about it! Mostly because I often lack self confidence, a trait I really need to work on. Anyway, today a fellow blogger ask for some pointers as they were stuck with something they’ve been trying to manifest. I realised that this was another gentle ‘shove’ from the universe not to ignore my dreams and intuition and crack on with writing the post! So here goes………..

Back to basics:

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Rule no one when trying to manifest anything is to first visualise what you want. Now visualisation is different for everyone. Some people find it really easy to summon up vivid, clear pictures of exactly what they want as if it’s on a TV screen in their head. Others, myself included, can’t always do this. That doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong! It simple means you have a different way of visualising. I like to sit quietly, where I won’t be disturbed, close my eyes a try to ‘picture’ what it is I’m trying to manifest. Like I said I don’t get clear pictures in my head, it’s more of a faded water colour floating in the background, but I know it’s there and what it is.

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The next step is to connect with your  vision, whether it’s a vivid image or just a blur, now feel it. Feel how you would if you already had it in your life. Feel the excitement, the joy, the love and gratitude. Hold that feeling, let it build inside you. Feel your vibration getting higher and your energy growing. Believe it is yours. You have already manifested it. Feel it. Now, let it go. Release it to the Universe and trust it’s on its way, like an online order if you like. All you have to do now is hold that feeling of gratitude you have and know it’s coming.

If you start to doubt, just sit again with your vision until you get the feeling back again. It is this feeling of gratitude that keeps you on the same vibrational frequency as the thing you are trying to manifest.  By staying on the same frequency you can do nothing else but attract it towards you. It is not only the law of the universe but also the law of physics!


Vision boards: 

Image result for vision boards

Vision boards are so much fun and a great manifesting tool. I like to do a new one every spring to symbolise new beginnings but you can create a vision board any time. You can also add to them or remove things as you go. All you need to create your own vision board is –

  • Craft card or a flattened cardboard box, you could also use an old cork board if you prefer
  • Some magazines and/or pictures you’ve printed off of the internet
  • Glue, tape or pins
  • Coloured pens/pencils
  • Stickers, glitter & anything else you fancy to pretty up your board

All you need to do now is get creative! Find images and quotes that inspire you and represent what it is you want to achieve. Have fun with it. Don’t limit yourself. Look for things you think are impossible, remember this is about manifesting whatever your heart desires not just putting a few pictures down of things you are already likely to achieve. That does not mean however that you can’t add those things to your board it just means you need to think outside the box.

Image result for vision boards

Nothing was ever achieved without someone first thinking it was impossible.

Focus boards:

A focus board is the same as a vision board but instead of being a collection of all different things you want to manifest it focuses on just one thing. Be it a new home or a new job or a new car. Your focus board will be all about this one particular thing. If it’s a new car put the exact colour, the alloys, the interior, words to describe how it feels when you drive it, what it smells like, the engine size………you get the picture.

Remember your vision board should be somewhere you can see it every day. When you look at it it should evoke feelings of excitement at its impending arrival!

Gratitude book:

Image result for gratitude book

My gratitude book is one of my favourite manifesting tools. I write in it every day, normally before bed so I go to bed full of gratitude for the blessings I have received throughout the day. The trick with this is to write in all the things you are grateful for that day, even the tiny things, you’ll be surprised at how much you have to be thankful for. I also write my gratitude intentions, all the things I want to manifest as if I have already received them. See my previous post ‘Get your gratitude on’ for more on this tool.

Image result for gratitude book

Remember that gratitude is the key to the Law of Attraction.

Reiki box:

Image result for reiki box

This one is new to me. You can now get a Reiki box app for you smart phone. You can add and remove intentions as you like then open it daily to send Reiki to your intentions. Intentions are written in the present tense as if they are already here, giving thanks and gratitude. It’s a great little app to keep you focused when on the move. You can also have a Reiki box in your home and write your intentions on a piece of paper. Like I said this one is still new to me and I’m still learning.

Image result for reiki box

I hope you find these tools helpful. Feel free to share some of your own manifesting techniques as we can all do with a helping hand sometimes.

If you would like to contact me to discuss anything further you can either use the comment section below or email me via the contact section.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

Disclaimer: All images taken from Google. If they belong to you please let me know and I will show credit. 



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