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Five Day Feel Good Challenge! #2

Hi everyone! I hope I find you all well and excited for today’s challenge? How did you get on yesterday? Five Day Feel Good Challenge! #1

I hope you all managed to have a go at the worksheet and that you found it helpful to actually concentrate and focus on what it is you really want.

How did it make you feel writing down what you wanted to change about your life. I bet you had to really think about it for a while. It’s so easy to imagine a completely new life, but when you have to break it down into the changes you need make to make it happen it’s not always so easy. Our negative limiting beliefs start to kick in and we start to think it’s not possible all over again. We start to put barriers up and make excuses and before we know it we are telling ourselves that we don’t really want those changes after all.

That’s why today we are going to ignore those pesky limiting beliefs, we are going to use the worksheet from yesterday and we are going to get a plan of action down. Once you start to write down what action you need to take to get you to your dream destination it starts to appear more achievable and you start to believe that you really can live your dream. The more you believe, the higher your vibration, the higher your vibration the more aligned you become with what you want and the more the universe will conspire to move people and events to help you achieve your dream!

I’ve said it many times before in order to manifest anything we must take action! We don’t need to know how it’s all going to come together. We don’t even need to know how we are going to do it. We just have to believe we can have, do, be anything we want and take positive action steps in the right direction. One small step…..

Here are some tips for today’s worksheet:

  1. Look at yesterday’s worksheet and what you have said you would like to change about your life. Think carefully about each change and break them down into smaller parts. Think about what changes you can make to move you one step closer to your goal. For example, if you dream of being a bestselling author think about what you would want to write about. Plan to write every day. Research. Research agents and publicists who specialise in your particular genre of writing. Research other writers and their back stories of how they got started. This small action starts the ball rolling. It gets you into the mindset of being an author.Tell people what you are doing. Once you do this it creates a sense of commitment and makes you more inclined to stick to your plan.
  2. Now you know what action you need to take how are you going to go about it? What are you actually going to do to make sure you take the actions you listed in question one? Think about what you feel is holding you back now and what you can do to change that. Sitting on the coach, watching TV is not going to get you anywhere.
  3. Set yourself deadlines for each action. When they are broken down into smaller parts this is so much easier to do and feels so much more achievable. You are less likely to give up and reaching your goal will spur you on to the next step towards your dream life.

With each achievement your vibration will increase and you will notice that things manifest faster and faster. You will start to become more receptive to your intuition and the synchronicity that occurs in your life. Things will begin to fall into place more and more and you will soon expect the best to happen and not the worst. Your limiting beliefs will disappear and be replaced with confidence and expectation of better and better things. You will no longer doubt your ability and will just know that whatever you focus on will come to pass by the divine law of the universe. Taking action will become second nature to you because you will believe that whatever you do will ultimately lead to success.

So, let’s get started on today’s worksheet. Five Day Feel Good Challenge Worksheet 2

Good luck, have fun and feel free to contact me if you need any support.

Love and happiness



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