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Five Day Feel Good Challenge! #3

Well, we are almost half way there! How’s it going for all of you? By now you should all have a clear plan about:

  1. What you want to change in your life
  2. How those changes will make you feel
  3. What you life will be like when those changes manifest
  4. What action steps you need to take to make those changes happen
  5. How you are going to achieve those action steps
  6. A time limit on achieving those actions

Now, I know, the last two days has been a bit of a challenge, especially yesterday. So today we are going to focus on having some fun and making ourselves feel really good about what we already have in our lives!

Today I want you to write about all the wonderful things you already have in your life. I want you to write down in detail about all the beautiful people who bless your life daily. Write about the things that make you smile and laugh out loud. I want to you to write about your favourite pastime, your best friend, your loving family. Write down all the great things you have achieved in your life, even if you think it is only something small, if it made you feel happy or proud write it down.

Today’s worksheet is about raising your vibration by showing gratitude for what you already have. Unless you are grateful for what you already have you will not be able to manifest anything better. Get your gratitude on!

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It isn’t until you start to think about what you have already that you realise how truly blessed you really are. You also start to see how far you have come so far and how much you have achieved.

Looking at what we have makes us think about what we went through to get it. Maybe we had to go through a time of struggle to save enough money for a dream kitchen or a child’s birthday present. Looking back does the time of struggle seem so bad in comparison to what you achieved? Was the blessing greater than the sacrifice? I bet the answer is yes!

Realising what we have makes us more aware of what we can achieve. Being grateful for what we have increases the love in our hearts and aligns us with ever bigger and better things. Once you start to take notice of your blessings you will be surprised at what you have already. You will realise that maybe you are closer to your dream that you first thought.

Using today’s worksheet look again at yesterday’s sheet. Think about the actions you wrote down. Now look at what you have already achieved on today’s sheet and think about what actions you took to reach those goals. Did you ever have doubts or moments when you thought you weren’t going to achieve what you did? Was it as hard as you thought to achieve what you have already. Was the struggle worth the prize?

When we start to compare what we have to what we had we can see how far we have come. We can also see that what we still desire is much more attainable than we first thought because the things we have now we once considered unattainable too.

Using the gratitude section on the worksheet raises our vibration and opens up our minds and our eyes to what we have achieved so far. Not everything on your sheets will be material belongings, in fact most things we are grateful for and feel most blessed to have are not things at all but people. Realising this puts everything into perspective. It’s the people in our lives that matter. They are the ones who add to our joy. They are also the ones that we want to achieve our dreams for, so we can give them everything they desire. This is the driving force you want to harness to push you forward on your quest!

Five Day Feel Good Challenge Worksheet 3

See you all tomorrow!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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