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How to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss!

Weight management is a huge business in today’s society. Every day there seems to be a new pill or drink to take or a new exercise regime that claims to top all it’s predecessors in it’s weight loss success. Every celebrity (and non-celebrity) has something to say on the subject. Most having their own brand of miracle set to transform us all from mere mortals to uber toned, sleek, god like images of perfection!

Social media is flooded with reality TV stars who started their careers as ‘normal’ people with wobbly bums and tums, natural boobs, faces with bumps in their noses, spots, hair that wasn’t always perfectly blow dried and lips that weren’t inflated like exploding airbags. These ‘stars’ have now miraculously transformed themselves, seemingly over night, into such visions of perfection that it leaves the likes of you and I looking in the mirror ready to buy into anything they want to sell us so we too can achieve this totally unattainable perfection!

They claim to have attained their god like figures through eating and exercise plans that they have developed and can now pass on to you and I, at a cost of course! We can sign up for subscriptions, buy their food supplements and protein drinks, exercise dvd’s, cook books, multi-vitamins, gym wear, hair extensions, eyelashes, make-up……. the list goes on and on!

Yes, they are honest about their journey from hitting rock bottom, being overweight and their struggle in such a cut throat industry but at the end of the day they are still only trying to sell us their products.

Whatever happened to good, honest, healthy eating and exercise? When did the lines get blurred between reality and a snapchat filter?

At forty something I realise that I may no longer be in my prime when it comes to silky smooth, wrinkle free skin. My boobs may be lower than they were ten years ago and my bum may now resemble a deflated balloon. All this I am aware of. I am also aware that if I exercised a bit more, ate a bit healthier and drank a little more water (and a bit less wine) I could feel a little fitter, look a little better and a little younger. However, my little pea brain wants to know why I can’t look like the ‘celebs’ on my Instagram feed! The body dismorphia demon sits on my shoulder as I look in the mirror and whispers sweet (more like sour) nothings into my ear.

“…so and so is the same age as you and look how great she looks…”

“…are you boobs supposed to look like that? Celeb A has a cracking set of knockers and she’s ten years older than you!”

“…how come you can’t eat a burger and have a figure like what’s her face…”

Oh God, the torment goes on and on! What my demented pea brain fails to realise is that ‘so and so’ has a face full of botox, a make up artist, a personal hair dresser and a stylist all at hand to get her TV ready three hours before she goes on air. Or that ‘Celeb A’ has had her knockers lifted, boosted and tweeked more times than anyone cares to recall and ‘what’s her face’ has a stream of personal trainers to kick her butt back into shape after said burger (probably the first proper meal she’s had since 1989! Meoow!).

OK, so that’s a bit harsh. The truth is, as beautiful as these celebs are (and they are most definitely beautiful) they don’t do it alone. They have ‘people’ to do their hair and make-up, they have their wrinkles erased, they have personal trainers and nutritionists and they also don’t work your standard nine to five. Their whole life is scheduled for them. When to eat, sleep, workout, go out, holiday, the list is endless. As glamorous as it all seems it is bloody hard work and they probably have less free time than you and I. Most have an amazing work ethic and sacrifice more than we will ever know to have the ‘celeb’ lifestyle and look we will buy anything achieve.

So how can we achieve our dream bodies and fitness goals?

How can we use the Law of Attraction to lose weight and get fit and healthy?

The answer, the same way we use the Law of attraction to achieve everything else in our lives!

Belief. Visualisation. Affirmation. Commitment. ACTION!

  1. BELIEVE – You must have total faith and belief that you can do this. If there is any doubt in your mind the signals you send out to the universe will be negative. You must keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high so the signals you send out are what you want to get back. REMEMBER, thoughts become things. If you don’t believe you can do it then you have already failed!
  2. VISUALISE – Visualise yourself fit and healthy. Picture what you will look like once you reach your goal. Imagine yourself taking regular exercise and eating healthful foods. Allow your visualisation to create strong feelings of happiness and gratitude at having reached your desired goal. Feel how good you feel and how much you love exercising and eating healthy. Picture yourself in that perfect outfit or looking hot in your bikini! Visualise people complementing you on your success and imagine how that will make you feel. Write your vision down and read it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed until it is so ingrained in your subconscious that it feels like reality.
  3. AFFIRMATION – Say daily affirmations. “I AM fit and healthy”, “I AM at my perfect weight”, “I AM enjoying eating healthy foods every day”, “I love exercising and it makes me feel so happy”, “I love myself, inside and out”, “I am a beautiful person”. REMEMBER it is so important to love yourself inside and out. If you do not learn to love yourself from the inside then it won’t matter what you look like on the outside, you will never be happy. Beauty comes from within. Without self love no amount of healthy eating, exercise or make-up can make you happy. 
  4. COMMITMENT – You must commit to the changes you want to make. Without commitment it is all just an empty dream! Set yourself small, achievable goals. Don’t over commit or you will fall at the first hurdle and give up feeling worse than you did when you started. Small goals are easier to achieve and will give you a real sense of achievement when you reach them. You won’t feel overwhelmed either and are more likely to stick to your plan. Don’t quit, even if you do fall at the first hurdle. Pick yourself up and start over. Remember One small step…..
  5. ACTION – YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! All of the above are empty words without action. The most important step in utilising the Law of Attraction is taking action! The Twelve Laws of the Universe #1

Start today, not tomorrow or next week, or after the weekend or your sisters wedding or you grans birthday. Start right now! Make the decision that you are going to commit to getting fit and healthy right now. Believe you can do it! Visualise! Start your affirmations! Make a commitment, even if it’s just telling someone what you plan to do (you are more likely to stick to something if you tell someone else about it because you then feel committed and won’t want to feel silly by not doing what you said you would). ACT! Start today!

Good luck everyone!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx




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