The Hunch!

OK, so I just had to share. This is great post from an amazing blogger. I’m sure some days Sparkyjen blogs just for me lol. If you’re not already following this brilliant blog I highly recommend you go over and check it out. It is a blog full of beautiful, inspiring, insightful posts that are guaranteed to make you feel good and get you thinking.

Thank you Sparkyjen!

Sparky Jen "No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!"

One Sunday two weeks ago…hunch-clipart-thinking-clipart-woman-has-hunch

I had a hunch.

It wasn’t a gut feeling. It was more like a thought, a whim, a strong impression.

And it involved “thinking” that I should move my brand new car the-hunch-2017-cadillac-xt5up a few more inches to the left edge of my girlfriend’s spacious driveway.

Enter logic!

My mind reported back. Since I’d never had driveway issues here before, I experienced momentary blow back.

Even though triple garage doors were just off to my right, it was still Sunday.

She had recently come home, and was waiting for me so we could go for a 2-3 mile walk around her neighborhood.

Her husband and son typically take it easy on Sunday. Every time I’ve been over on a Sunday, neither one has ever left.

So…what logical proof did I have that pulling my car up any farther would matter???


Caution: Logic and…

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