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Navigating the Maze of Life

Today I received an email from the wonderful Mary Morrissey directing me to her latest blog post. The post was called Setting Intentions: The Best Way To Navigate The Confusing Maze Of Life Starting Today. I know, a bit of a mouthful isn’t it! Anyway the post was about finding your way through the maze of life to achieve your dreams. Mary got the idea from her granddaughter who had shown her how she completed a maze type puzzle with complete ease by starting at the end and tracing her finger back to the start before drawing the route with her pencil from the start. Mary’s granddaughter told her:

“When you start at the end first, then you know where you want to end up, and it’s easier to find your way.”

Mary said that she felt that this was just like life, and I’ve got to say, I wholeheartedly agree with her. If we know where we want to end up then it makes getting there so much easier. Once we have a goal in sight we can plan how we are going to get there. We don’t need to know our way through the whole maze but we can start to plot our journey.

For example: I know that I want to write a book. I also know that I want to help people be the best version of themselves that they possibly can be. I’m already working on my book. I’ve started to research literary agents. I’m taking small steps each day towards my goal. I know where I want to end up and am making progress. I have also started some life coaching which is turning out to be very rewarding. I feel so blessed to be able to help people become the best version of themselves. I have only been able to take these steps as I have not been in my normal 9 – 5 position for the last few months and have had the opportunity to move forward towards my end goal. However, I will be returning to my job very soon and will have to find other ways to continue with my work and make my way through the maze.

The trouble is we don’t all know where we want to end up so our maze can seem like an eternal circle of confusion. Mary suggests asking yourself four fundamental questions:

  1. What do you love doing?
  2. What would you love to experience every day?
  3. What would you love to create?
  4. What are the problems in your life and what would you love instead?

Let’s look at these individually:

  • What is it you love to do? What brings you joy. Something that you would do everyday for free if you could. 

I have a friend that loves to make cakes. I don’t just mean you basic Victoria sponge here, I’m talking top quality, Cake Boss, Great British Bake Off, Choccy Woccy Doo Dah, Aston Martin of cakes, cakes! Honestly they are the dogs kahunas! I have never seen or tasted cakes so beautiful. Now, my friend would do this all day long for free, and she did for a very long time. One day, however, she realised that this was her joy. She set up a small business from a purpose-built cabin in her garden and now she has a thriving business doing something she loves every day! Oh did I mention that she used to be an Olympic swimmer and that after she had retired and her kids were all but grown up she had a massive stroke and is now considered to have brain damage? No? Well it just goes to show you that with a little bit of determination and a great deal of passion you can achieve anything you want.

Image result for amazing cakes

Not one of my friends as I couldn’t get the image from Instagram, sorry.

To be fair, I think my friend may have always been wired a bit wrong anyway and the stroke is just a ruse for her already wonky brain lol. (She knows I love her really xx)

  • What would you love to experience everyday?

images (23)

For me this is easy. I want to travel the world and see all the amazing places that this wonderful planet has to offer. I want to be free to jump on a plane whenever I want and immerse myself in culture and art and wonderful people. I want to learn all about the different cultures and religions, taste all the great foods, learn to ski, swim with dolphins, watch newly hatch turtles make their first journey to the sea…….. I could go on and on, there are so many wonderful people and places out there waiting to be discovered. I want to surround myself with books so that I can learn more than I ever imagined possible. I want to make it possible for my husband to never have to go to a job he hates and for my children to have every opportunity to become the best they can be.

What would you love to experience everyday?

  • What would you love to create?

Image result for what would you create

What would you create? Do you have an invention or idea that could change people’s lives? Do you have an idea for something that could bring joy to countless others? Have you got what it takes to inspire people and make them great? Can you make great cakes, just like my friend? Are you a writer or painter or dancer or designer? What’s you passion and what could you create?

  • What are the problems in your life and what would you love instead?

Is there something in your life that you would like to change? Are you in a bad or unhappy relationship? Is there something that you could do or want to do that could improve that situation? Do you hate your job? Do you want to move house, town or even country?

Think about these things, but don’t dwell on them. Instead look for ways in which you can improve or change things. Focus on how you would like things to be. Think about how happy you would be if things were as you wanted them to be. Look for positive changes that can be made or worked towards.

So now you know what the end of your maze looks like!

Or at least you’re half way there. Give yourself time to find the end of your maze. If you don’t know what you want it can be a little daunting and you can end up feeling like you’re just stuck going round and round and round with no end in sight! Once you know what you want you can start to make your journey towards your dream life.

Remember to use positive language always, even when talking and thinking about the things you are not so happy with. For example: “I am making positive changes to my diet everyday and am making progress towards my dream body” or “My 9 – 5 job allows me to pay my bills whilst working towards my goal of becoming a bestselling author”.

Don’t beat yourself up if you take a wrong turn, sometimes a wrong turn can lead us to someone or something that we need to progress further along on our journey.

Aim high, as high as you can. Don’t be limited by your habits and paradigms. Smash through those barriers and into a world you never thought possible. Nothing is impossible!

Image result for nothing is impossible quotesThink like Mary’s granddaughter. Children have no perception of what is possible or impossible. To children anything is possible. It is only as they grow and we, as adults, tell them they have limits and boundaries that their view of the world changes. We can learn so much from children and their innocent enthusiasm. So go on, unleash your inner child. Find the end of your maze and start working towards your dream life today!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx






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