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A happier, healthier you in 3 simple steps!

I received an email this week from the wonderful Jack Canfield. In it he describes what he calls his “Hour of Power”. Jack says this is an hour each day that is broken down into three simple steps.

The Hour of Power is a full hour broken up into three 20-minute sessions:

  • 20 minutes of exercise
  • 20 minutes of meditation
  • 20 minutes of reading

Jack says that he usually schedules this in the first hour upon waking to set him up for the day. He says:

 “….it will jumpstart your morning and have you feeling energized, focused, and engaged for the rest of the day.” – Jack Canfield

This seemingly simple exercise is something we can all fit into our day, no matter how busy we are. If, like me, your mornings are chaotic (at best) then try scheduling your “Hour of Power” for later in the day. Maybe before bed to set you up for the following day or during your lunch break; this is a good idea as it takes you away from the workplace, relaxes you after a busy morning and refreshes and motivates you for the afternoon ahead (there’s nothing stopping you tucking into your salad bowl or sandwich while you have your 20 minutes reading time!)

It’s definitely something I’m going to fit into my daily routine (even if it does mean I have to get up an hour earlier!)

Why not go check out Jack’s YouTube video to find out more.

Learn how to start you “Hour of Power”

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


12 thoughts on “A happier, healthier you in 3 simple steps!

  1. Fab – he wrote to us both Catherine – how lucky and aligned we are! All the ‘guru’s seem to follow this Hour of Power principle one way or another so I suspect it’s probably the way forward! Great post – thank you! x

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