So what can I tell you about me?

Hello, my name is Catherine. I’m a 40 something mum of two from Essex, United Kingdom. I started this blog to share my journey through all things Law of Attraction.

You read so many stories about how people have used the Law of Attraction to get whatever they want. How they achieved great things through the power of thought. It’s easy to be inspired by people who already have everything, but it can sometimes be disconcerting and we get into an “Oh that could never happen to me” state of mind.

I want to prove to you, that this really does work. I truly believe that the power of thought, the Law of Attraction, when put into practice, can allow you to have whatever your heart desires; be it a loving relationship, a new job, that dream home, a new car, whatever you can imagine, you can have, if only you believe.

I want to show you how you can use the Law of Attraction to drastically transform your life forever.

…….And just because I tend to go off track once in a while you might find something totally unrelated in there as well. You never know I might chuck in a frog post or a recipe for jam (on toast) or photos of my garden/dog/holiday……

I hope my blog brings you inspiration, love, happiness and a life that is abundant in every way xxx