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Are you giving your energy away?


Hello again everyone. I have mentioned before, in some of my previous posts, about a book that was introduced to me by a work colleague called the Celestine Prophecy. I have also said that the first time I read the book I didn’t ‘get it’ but I persevered and read it again. The second time I read this book I noticed all sorts of things I did not notice the first time round. I also, finally, ‘got’ what the book was about. To this day it is still one of my favourite books.

Recently I have been thinking about the book a lot and decided that it was a sign that I needed to read it again. I always think it is good to read books more than once as you learn something new every time. I am still reading through the book at the moment but I have discovered that I missed so much before! I am not sure if it is because I am further along on my learning journey with the Universe or that I am more open and receptive to the messages within the book that I have picked up on so much more this time round but boy am I glad I decided to read it again!

In the book it talks about our personal energy fields and how they can be affected by people and things around us. Sometimes we feel ‘high’ and other times ‘low’. The Celestine Vision reinforces the truth that we are all energy, the only difference in what we perceive to be ‘physical things’ is the rate at which the energy vibrates. The book talks about our evolution from the beginning of time to the present day. It talks about our awakening as a society and our yearning to feel more connected with the ‘Life Force’ energy.

I will talk more about this in another post because today I want to talk about our energy field and how we could be subconsciously giving our energy away leaving us feeling weak, drained and inferior. Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, we can give so much of our energy that we become unable to concentrate or verbalise our feelings and thoughts. We become dominated by another person who saps our energy!

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Every living being is made up of energy. We need to keep our energy vibration high in order to feel good. In the past we have not been aware of this and have not understood why sometimes we feel strong, confident and exhilarated and other times we feel weak, inferior and exhausted. We have subconsciously entered into a power struggle with each other for one another’s energy in order to make us feel strong again. This is why when we get into an argument with another person we feel we need to dominate them, to win the argument. When we argue we enter into a battle of energy with the loser being left feeling weak and the victor feeling strong. The victor has taken the energy from the loser subconsciously. The same goes when we enter into an argument but come to an understanding or agreement that suits both parties, neither is left feeling weak as neither has taken the energy from the other. This also applies to making someone feel good. We all have that one friend who when we’re around we feel good. This type of person is normally very positive and vibrates at a higher energy level. They give away their energy freely, without even realising they are doing it. When we are around them we ‘top up’ on their positive energy.

The Celestine Vision teaches us that there is a better way. More and more of us are waking up to it. we are learning how to raise our own energy without sapping the life force out of someone else in subconscious power struggles. We are learning that we can increase our energy by connecting with nature (remember, every living thing has its own energy). Eating healthful, organic foods and being thankful for the food we eat enables us to absorb more energy. The fresher and more organic the food the higher the source of energy. Taking time to ‘connect’ to what we eat and savour every mouthful increases our energy intake. Giving thanks for the food we eat is not just a religious ritual it is a way of connecting and showing gratitude for the life force it gives.

Image result for energy life force from natureImage result for energy life force from natureImage result for energy life force from natureImage result for energy life force from natureImage result for energy life force ancient forest

Have you ever noticed that when you are in an ancient woodland you feel more energised. You feel connected to the trees around you and the wildlife that resides there. That is because you are connected! Our energy is connected to everything else around us. We are one with everything in the Universe. The more connected we become the higher we vibrate. When we are in a place like this the energy is high and we find it easier to connect. When you are in a city or town where there are fewer trees the energy is lower. This is why some of the most ancient natural places on our planet are considered sacred by some. They are aware of the immense power and energy. Pilgrims flock to such places to meditate and restore their own energy in order to continue with their everyday lives. Some even retreat into nature altogether and turn their backs on our modern society for they are fully awakened to the real purpose of life.

It is believed that we will, someday, transcend our physical bodies and become at one with the infinite Life Force of the Universe. This is the next phase of evolution. We will be at one with each other and everything around us. There will be no poverty or pain, no conflict and wars. We will live in a Utopia of love and peace and harmony. Many religions already speak of this and we, as a society, have taken it that it is something that comes after death. But, there are those who believe it is achievable in life, now.

For now, I am coming to grips with raising my vibration and trying to connect to the infinite Life Force energy. I am working on how I interact with others. How I use my energy to raise their energy without draining my own.

To feel LOVE is the easiest way to raise your energy. Once you are in a state of love it is easier to connect with the energy around you. When your energy is high you are less likely to be susceptible to other people dominating you and draining your energy. You can protect yourself and, with practice, it is possible to alter another’s energy from a state of anger or fear to a state of love.

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I know this is all very ‘way out there’ but it is the period in time we are living in and we are all awakening to this understanding. It is new to us all. We have spent the last 1000 years thinking one way, we are not going to wake up to this new understanding over night. It will take time and practice.

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Let me know what you think. I always love to hear what your thoughts are.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx



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The Twelve Laws of the Universe #5

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Hello again everyone. I hope I find you all well?

I hope you have all had a chance to read the other four posts in this series, if not you can catch up on them using the links at the end of this post. I have had some really positive emails and comments about this series so far and look forward to hearing more from you all.

In today’s post I will be looking at the Law of Relativity and the Law of Polarity. Some of you may already be familiar with these Laws but for those of you who are not let us explore further.

The Law of Relativity

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The Law of Relativity teaches us to compare our problems to the problems of others. What may appear like a catastrophic event to us, when compared to the problem of another, suddenly pails into insignificance. Things begin to be put into perspective. As my mum always said:

“There is always someone worse off.”

Now I know that sounds harsh, looking for someone who is worse off than you to make yourself feel better, but that is not the meaning of this Law. The point is that no matter how bad a situation seems to you, there will always be someone in a worse situation, thus making your problem seem not so bad after all.

For example; we look at our busy lives and complain that we have little time to socialise or relax, yet when compared to someone in one of the third world countries, for example, you begin to realise how lucky we are in our western society. Everything is relative. In our modern world we have become so obsessed with technology and material possessions, we have lost site of the simple things in life and forgotten how blessed we are to have running water, food in our bellies and a roof over our head. We are not in war torn cities, fearing for our lives, not knowing where our next meal is coming from. Our main concern is that we might lose internet connection for a few minutes!!!

Everything only exists because it is made real by it’s comparison to something else:

  • Light vs dark
  • Hot vs cold
  • Good vs evil
  • Big vs small

It is all relative. It is all about how we relate it to something else.

You may think you don’t have enough money until you compare yourself to someone else. To them you may appear rich as they have far less than you. The Law of Relativity says we should stop comparing ourselves to those who have far more than us because this only serves to make us have feelings of lack. These feelings of lack are sent out into the Universe as vibrations of what we want more of so we will be sent more things to make us feel we don’t have enough (bills, debt etc.)

By comparing ourselves to those less fortunate than us we begin to appreciate how lucky we really are and how blessed our lives are. We begin to be grateful for what we do have, therefore sending out feelings of abundance and gratitude. Our vibrations become positive and the Universe will send us more things to be grateful for, more abundance!

This Law reminds us that what we believe we have is all relative in comparison to someone or something else. We can use it to our advantage or to our disadvantage, depending on our outlook.

There will always be someone who has more than you, someone who can run faster than you, is smarter than you. But in comparison there will always be someone who has less than you, runs slower than you or is not as smart as you. Look at what you have and be thankful. Be positive about your situation. Look for the good in everything.

It’s all about how you look at the world around you!

If you are grateful for what you have now you will always have enough because the Universe will ensure you always have things to be grateful for.

Check out my Friday Share from 05/05/2017 for a little reminder.

The Law of Polarity

Nothing is one sided. There are two sides, or poles, to everything. Everything has an opposite. The difference in between the two extremes is called polarity.

Everything has an opposite.

The Law of Polarity states that opposites are just different manifestations of the same thing.

Sir Isaac Newton said that:

“every action has and equal, and opposite, reaction”

The purpose of the Universe is equilibrium and synchronicity. It is said that love and hate are actually the same emotion. For how can you hate someone you have never truly loved. Only someone you love can stir such emotion in you to cause you to hate them because only the actions of someone you love could hurt you so deeply that the love could turn to hate.

The Law of Polarity enables us to experience life at it’s fullest. Without experiencing one thing how can we appreciate another?

How can you appreciate heat if you have never experienced cold?

How can you appreciate abundance if you have never experienced struggle?

  • Love vs hate
  • Hot vs cold
  • Good vs bad
  • Big vs small
  • Failure vs success

All things work together. Without one you cannot have the other. Therefore, all things, good and bad, success and failure, abundance and austerity must work for the higher good.

All is Love

Sometimes you have to experience adversity to appreciate prosperity, sadness to appreciate joy. The Law is there to teach us. To help us learn and discover.

In every failure we find success

Image result for inventor of lightbulb 10000 fail quote

If Thomas Edison had not failed he would never have invented the light bulb and we’d all be sitting in the dark! If it had not been dark he would never have tried in the first place!

Every situation is only ‘good’or ‘bad’ by how we perceive it. Something you consider to be bad another may think is good. Take a step back, look again, is it as bad as you first thought? Is there a lesson to be learnt?

Every one of us is sent a series of lessons. We must learn from these lessons before we can move forward. If we do not learn then the lesson will keep manifesting in different ways until we learn what is has been sent to teach us.

Look for the positive in EVERY situation!

By looking for the good in all situations we will learn our lessons quicker and progress faster.

The same is true for people. Always look for the good in everyone. Positive thoughts create positive energy and send out good vibrations to the Universe and as we know the Universe then sends back more things to be positive about!

You can see that, as with the other Laws we have looked at, there are strong similarities in these two Laws. The general thread through all the Laws is the same. It is about working with all the Laws to achieve our dreams. At first this sounds daunting but as you learn more about each Law you realise that they are all interconnected and work seamlessly together.Please check out the other posts in this series below:

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Love and happiness

Catherine xx


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Get your gratitude on!

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One of the main threads throughout the Laws of the Universe is GRATITUDE. It cannot be stressed enough that the more grateful you are the more things the Universe will send you to be grateful for.

One way to do this is by starting a gratitude book. A gratitude book is something you write in every day to log all the things you are grateful for that day, a bit like a journal. Now, you can go online and buy gratitude books, Rhonda Byrne has a lovely “Secret Gratitude Book” which is the official, authorised companion to the original book (this is not an affiliate link). It is filled with inspiring quotes and affirmations to help you on your journey. There are also some other great gratitude books available online with similar themes and they are all very lovely. However, a gratitude book is for you to write in each day the things you are grateful for and any notebook will do just as good a job. It’s not about spending lots of money on a fancy journal, but, if that is what makes you happy, go for it! There are some lovely notebooks out there, I personally like the selection in The Works. They have some beautiful notebooks, my favourite at the moment is the Alice in Wonderland one and it’s only £2! Mind you, if you’re anything like me, you will already have at least one unused notebook lying around indoors (I do tend to collect these a bit!)

Daily Gratitude’s

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Once you’ve got your book all you have to do is dedicate five to ten minutes each evening, preferable before going to bed, to write down all the things in your day that you are grateful for. I always start with the date at the top. I head it ‘daily gratitude’s’, then I list everything I am grateful for that day. It can be something as small as your morning coffee or a display of spring flowers on your commute to work, you may have received a ‘random act of kindness’ from a stranger, write down anything and everything. As you start to think about your day and write down all the good that has happened to you, you start to realise how blessed you really are. Your mood will shift and you will be sending out all that positive energy into the Universe with the clear message that you want more things to be grateful for!

Image result for i am grateful

There is always SOMETHING to be grateful for!

There is always, and I mean always, something to be grateful for. Even on our worse days when we get up late, we miss our train or bus, our bosses are horrible to us, our children turn into monsters from another planet and it pours down with rain on our lunch break when it’s been brilliant sunshine the rest of the day while we’ve been locked away in the office, even on those days there is something to be grateful for. You might just have to look a bit harder for it.

Start simple:

  • Thank you for the gift of life
  • Thank you for the rain that waters the flowers in my garden
  • Thank you for my job that enables me to pay my bills
  • Thank you for my healthy body
  • Thank you for my beautiful children
  • Thank you for my dog who wants nothing from me, he just wants to love me and be loved.

You get the idea. Even on the worse day there is something to be grateful for. Remember there is always someone worse off than you who would look upon your day as the best day ever. Become that person ans see the blessings that are all around you. You’ll be surprised how much there is to be grateful for.

Gratitude Intentions

Image result for i am grateful for what is on its way

When I set out to write my daily gratitude’s I also, on the opposite page, write a list of gratitude intentions. Gratitude intentions are things you want to happen, things you want in your life, but you write about them as if they are already there. The Law of Attraction teaches us that in order to manifest our dreams we must first think and act as though we have already received what it is we desire. We must act and feel grateful. Writing you gratitude intentions down next to your daily gratitude’s is a great way of doing this. It reminds you of the things you desire and helps keep them at the forefront of your mind at all times. This enables you to keep sending those signals out to the Universe about what you want to come back to you. Sending out your vibrations from a place of love and gratitude only increases the power of your vibration.

I also like to mark off when I have achieved something that is on my gratitude intention list. When I have reached my goal or received my ‘wish’ I mark it off with the date I received it.

It’s great to look back through your gratitude book and see what you have managed to manifest. Each time you mark something off your belief and faith becomes stronger and so your ability to manifest gets stronger because you are sending out more and more gratitude and positive energy.

My first ever gratitude book was given to me by a dear friend. It’s just a notebook but on the front are pictures of my daughters and the caption:

Daughter are the Wonder Women of our future!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a closet Wonder Woman fan. Well, maybe not so closet to be fair lol. I have always wanted to be Wonder Woman since I was a little girl and my friend knows this sad fact about me. The notebook was the most heartwarming gift I have ever received and for a long time I didn’t want to write in it. There is also a beautiful verse on the inside cover. I realised that this was the perfect book for my daily gratitude’s and gratitude intentions. I also know that I will never throw it away as it is a reminder, not only of my gratitude lists, but also of my lovely friend, for whom I shall be forever grateful.



Let me know how you get on with you gratitude books. I hope they help to show you how truly blessed you are and how powerful gratitude can be in manifesting your dreams.

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Love and happiness

Catherine xx




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#Friday Share

So this came up on my insta this morning and I just had to share 😍

How adorable is that face and how true is that caption! 

Be grateful for what you have for you are truly blessed.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx 

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9 Ways to raise your vibration

I said in one of my previous posts, The Twelve Laws of the Universe #2 , that I would write a post about raising your vibration or energy. I’ve looked into this a lot during my journey and these are some of the best ones I’ve found that work for me.


Image result for nature plants and flowers

There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to blow off the cobwebs of negative energy and raise your vibration. Also scientists have proved that getting outdoors and being at one with nature can seriously improve you mood and general well being. 

So with the 3 day weekend ahead of you it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Feel the energy from the trees and plants around you, connect with it. Feel the sun on you face. Even if it’s a bit chilly, wrap up warm and let the energy flow into you and raise you vibration.

Now, I’m not telling you you have to go hug a tree or anything but if that’s what floats your boat and it gets those vibrations rising and your energy back on track then so be it!

Image result for nature


Image result for MUSIC

Music is the spice of life! It doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into it is guaranteed to give you a boost. Whether you choose something chilled, soothing and relaxing that you can lay back to and let the soft tones envelope you, slowly lifting your vibration or you chose something upbeat and funky that you can dance around the room to giving you an instant boost, either choice is definitely going to lift you energy and vibration! You could also grab a hairbrush and get your inner Beyonce on in the shower!


Image result for LAUGHTER

Laughter is a great way to raise your vibration. I like to get together with friends and catch up on all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to them throughout their week. It’s amazing the stories people tell you about what goes on in their work places or home lives. Sometimes, things that seemed so serious at the time when talked about among friends suddenly become hysterically funny. Looking back on something in retrospect can really highlight if you have over reacted to something. Me and my friends often laugh at ourselves and our ‘Mum rages’. You know the ones when the kids are driving you nuts and suddenly the red mist descends and the wild woman of Borneo is unleashed! Usually it’s during the morning rush when time is short and the kids decided they are going in slow motion. You see the clock ticking and old father time running away from you, you slip into ‘what if’ mode…..’what if I miss my train’, ‘what if the kids are late for school’, ‘what if I’m late for work’. Once you’ve drop the kids off on time, caught your train and made it to work on time (as always) and you look back at the mornings events you slowly start to see the funny side. The funny side that your kids saw all along which is why they were sniggering in the back of the car when they thought you weren’t looking!

Another way to get your chuckle on is to watch a funny movie. Not only does the easy comedy lift your spirits but the sheer action of just kicking back on the sofa with a movie starts to lift your energy and raise your vibration.

Some other benefits of laughter:

Image result for LAUGHTER


Look around you and find something to be grateful for. No matter what your circumstances there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS something to be grateful for! 

As you start to look around and ‘count your blessings’ you will automatically start to raise your vibration. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to let the universe know you are sending out ‘good vibes’. The more you are grateful the more things you will find to be grateful for. and the more your vibration will skyrocket!



My mum always told me that it takes less muscles to smile than it does to from. This means smiling = less wrinkles!


Also it has a positive effect on your mood and lowers stress levels resulting in higher energy and vibration.

Image result for smile


Showing a complete stranger is a great way to raise your vibration. Not only does it make them feel good, it makes you feel good and sends out a positive message to the Universe.

I try to do as many acts of random kindness a day as I can. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate gesture, it can be a simple smile as you pass someone by or letting someone go at a junction. You never know what this will do to their day (you never know they might just be a mum in banshee mode on the school run LOL!)

Today for example I help a lady in the supermarket who was struggling on her own with her shopping. He items were dropping on the floor and she clearly did not have enough hands. I couldn’t do much as I currently have a slipped disc in my back but I did what I could and helped her on her way. As I got in my car I felt my energy rise.

Image result for random acts of kindness


Focusing on your breath instantly relaxes you. It also re-energises the body, raises your energy and helps reconnect you to the Universe.

Image result for and breathe


As I said in one of my earlier posts  space clearing is a great way to not only raise the energy and vibration of your home but also to raise your personal vibration. For more tips on how to cleanse the space around you and raise your vibration check out my post Cleanse you space, raise your vibration

images (17)


Meditation is a great way to relax you body and mind and recharge your energy. My friend and I used to practice meditation at work when we were feeling the strain.  Try the link below for a great mini meditation that relaxes you and gives your energy a much needed boost.

Meditation is proven to lower stress, help with depression, increase productivity, improve memory, boost creativity, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, boost your immune system, the list goes on and on.

I hope this has given you some ideas to raise your own vibration and energy.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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Showing Gratitude – my beautiful garden!

Looking round my garden this week I have realised how truly lucky I am to have such a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Below are some picture of my favourite bits. I especially love the swinging egg seat under the wisteria cover pergola. It’s situated next to the pond so when you sit there not only are you surrounded by the stunning wisteria but you have the soothing sound of the fountain from the pond, and if your really lucky the resident frogs pop up and sing a little chorus!


The last of the few remaining buds on my camellia. I have two of these in different shades of pink. Both taken from my late grandparents garden. I wish I has some photos of them both when they were in full bloom. They were magnificent!








Apologies for the washing line LOL. Meet Archie.


A little gift from a friend recently. Love the two-tone of the petals.


Don’t adjust you glasses, poor camera skills LOL


My favourite place to sit, especially when the sun hits it.