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Manifesting challenge

Morning all, I hope you are all well this morning. For those of you who read my previous post Manifesting challenge  I would like to thank all those who emailed, commented and got in touch.

I just wanted to let you all know that the Robin I visualised for my ‘lucky’ manifestation came to visit me this morning while I was working in my garden. I had totally put the challenge to the back of my mind and was not even thinking about it this morning. I was tending some flower beds when along he came and sat right near me on a stack of old logs I have. I was so pleased to see him and felt really excited that he had privileged me with a visit knowing that I had visualised him coming. I was so excited that I fumbled for my phone to take a picture for you and knocked some plants over, startling him and causing him to fly away. I am planning on being in the garden all day and am hoping he comes back to see me so I can get a picture for you all.

I hope your manifesting is going well and you are having a wonderful Monday.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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Manifesting challenge!

Hi everyone. I hope I find you all well. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but like the Virgo I am I have been procrastinating due to lack of self belief. I don’t know why I do it to myself as it goes against everything I teach others. I guess that’s another of my limiting traits, I can easily see the best in others and help them work on their weaknesses to turn them into strengths but when it comes to myself I throw all that I have learnt out of the window and revert back to limiting beliefs! 

So because of my inability to take my own advice I thought we could do a little manifesting challenge together. I’ve done this before with people I work with and it has always given them the lift they needed to move forward and try to manifest bigger and better changes in their lives. Sometimes we just need a little ‘proof’ to reignite our faith.

So, let’s go!

STEP 1: Think of something that you want to manifest. Something small like a lucky penny or a four leaf clover, maybe a white feather or a Robin, something that resembles luck or spiritual guidance. Close your eyes and visualise your item. Imagine what it looks like, what it feels like or sounds like. Imagine how you will feel when you see it. Just spend a few minutes focusing on whatever it is you have chosen.

STEP 2: Let it go. Send it out into the Universe and trust that it will come back to you. Know that it is already manifested and just waiting for you to cross its path. Release any thoughts of doubt, just let go………..

STEP 3: Go about your business as usual. Forget all about the challenge. Let the Universe do it’s work.

STEP 4: Use the comments section below or the email address in my contact section to let me know when you cross paths with what it is you visualised. Let me know how it made you feel knowing that you manifested that into your life. What’s next for you? Has this little challenge restored your faith in the Law of Attraction?

Manifest quote

Happy manifesting everyone. Have faith, believe, receive, achieve!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

PS. Just for the record, I have chosen a Robin. We don’t see many this time of year and to me they represent our loved ones that have crossed over. They represent a message of hope and love, and sometimes, that’s all you need to restore your faith.

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Get your gratitude on!

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One of the main threads throughout the Laws of the Universe is GRATITUDE. It cannot be stressed enough that the more grateful you are the more things the Universe will send you to be grateful for.

One way to do this is by starting a gratitude book. A gratitude book is something you write in every day to log all the things you are grateful for that day, a bit like a journal. Now, you can go online and buy gratitude books, Rhonda Byrne has a lovely “Secret Gratitude Book” which is the official, authorised companion to the original book (this is not an affiliate link). It is filled with inspiring quotes and affirmations to help you on your journey. There are also some other great gratitude books available online with similar themes and they are all very lovely. However, a gratitude book is for you to write in each day the things you are grateful for and any notebook will do just as good a job. It’s not about spending lots of money on a fancy journal, but, if that is what makes you happy, go for it! There are some lovely notebooks out there, I personally like the selection in The Works. They have some beautiful notebooks, my favourite at the moment is the Alice in Wonderland one and it’s only £2! Mind you, if you’re anything like me, you will already have at least one unused notebook lying around indoors (I do tend to collect these a bit!)

Daily Gratitude’s

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Once you’ve got your book all you have to do is dedicate five to ten minutes each evening, preferable before going to bed, to write down all the things in your day that you are grateful for. I always start with the date at the top. I head it ‘daily gratitude’s’, then I list everything I am grateful for that day. It can be something as small as your morning coffee or a display of spring flowers on your commute to work, you may have received a ‘random act of kindness’ from a stranger, write down anything and everything. As you start to think about your day and write down all the good that has happened to you, you start to realise how blessed you really are. Your mood will shift and you will be sending out all that positive energy into the Universe with the clear message that you want more things to be grateful for!

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There is always SOMETHING to be grateful for!

There is always, and I mean always, something to be grateful for. Even on our worse days when we get up late, we miss our train or bus, our bosses are horrible to us, our children turn into monsters from another planet and it pours down with rain on our lunch break when it’s been brilliant sunshine the rest of the day while we’ve been locked away in the office, even on those days there is something to be grateful for. You might just have to look a bit harder for it.

Start simple:

  • Thank you for the gift of life
  • Thank you for the rain that waters the flowers in my garden
  • Thank you for my job that enables me to pay my bills
  • Thank you for my healthy body
  • Thank you for my beautiful children
  • Thank you for my dog who wants nothing from me, he just wants to love me and be loved.

You get the idea. Even on the worse day there is something to be grateful for. Remember there is always someone worse off than you who would look upon your day as the best day ever. Become that person ans see the blessings that are all around you. You’ll be surprised how much there is to be grateful for.

Gratitude Intentions

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When I set out to write my daily gratitude’s I also, on the opposite page, write a list of gratitude intentions. Gratitude intentions are things you want to happen, things you want in your life, but you write about them as if they are already there. The Law of Attraction teaches us that in order to manifest our dreams we must first think and act as though we have already received what it is we desire. We must act and feel grateful. Writing you gratitude intentions down next to your daily gratitude’s is a great way of doing this. It reminds you of the things you desire and helps keep them at the forefront of your mind at all times. This enables you to keep sending those signals out to the Universe about what you want to come back to you. Sending out your vibrations from a place of love and gratitude only increases the power of your vibration.

I also like to mark off when I have achieved something that is on my gratitude intention list. When I have reached my goal or received my ‘wish’ I mark it off with the date I received it.

It’s great to look back through your gratitude book and see what you have managed to manifest. Each time you mark something off your belief and faith becomes stronger and so your ability to manifest gets stronger because you are sending out more and more gratitude and positive energy.

My first ever gratitude book was given to me by a dear friend. It’s just a notebook but on the front are pictures of my daughters and the caption:

Daughter are the Wonder Women of our future!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a closet Wonder Woman fan. Well, maybe not so closet to be fair lol. I have always wanted to be Wonder Woman since I was a little girl and my friend knows this sad fact about me. The notebook was the most heartwarming gift I have ever received and for a long time I didn’t want to write in it. There is also a beautiful verse on the inside cover. I realised that this was the perfect book for my daily gratitude’s and gratitude intentions. I also know that I will never throw it away as it is a reminder, not only of my gratitude lists, but also of my lovely friend, for whom I shall be forever grateful.



Let me know how you get on with you gratitude books. I hope they help to show you how truly blessed you are and how powerful gratitude can be in manifesting your dreams.

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Love and happiness

Catherine xx




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Dorrie and the Witch Doctor


This was my favourite book as a child and if I’m honest it is still one of my favourites to this day. It’s a beautiful little book about a young witch, named Dorrie, her beloved cat Gink, and her grumpy, old Aunt Agra. My mum used to read it to me when I was young and I always loved the different voices she would do for the different characters. When I got older and had children of my own I read the story to them, trying my best to be as good at the voices as my mum (failing miserably lol). I also bought copies for my nieces when they were toddlers but I’m not sure my sister had the same enthusiasm for it as I did.

I still have my copy of the book. It’s lost it’s cover, the pages are all faded and ripped around the edges, most of it is being held together by sellotape and love, but it’s mine and I love it. I can’t imagine ever parting with it. It’s not just the story but the memories it holds for me.


As you can see it’s really a bit tattered, but it’s well loved. The ironic thing is I am so careful with my books and always have been. I really am anal about book marks and not turning corners of pages over. Books to me are something to be cherished and cared for. Apart from age related damage all the damage to this book was done by other people. Maybe that’s where I got my phobia of loaning my books out from lol.

Anyway, as usual, I digress!

The point of this whole post is that in the book Dorrie’s Aunt Agra starts off horrible, moaning, grumpy and downright rude! She has pains in her head and pains in her toes” (I so wish there was a voice option on posts right now!). She has allergies upon allergies and generally she is not a very nice person. Her arrival at Dorrie’s house completely changes the mood of the place, so much so that Dorrie develops Auntitis! The Witch Doctor attends and Dorrie is soon back to normal, thanks to a box of chocolate peppermints. However, while he is there, he looks at Aunt Agra. He teaches her to smile and he teaches her stand up without shouting (there’s also some more choclate peppermints). Aunt Agra’s pain goes away and she starts to feel like an entirely different person. The mood in the house completely lifts and they all have a party!

The book reminds me of the Law of Attraction. How being negative can impact on your health and well being. How constantly being in a paid mood breeds more negativity and more health problems. It shows that the power of positive thinking can greatly improve our state of mind and therefore our health.

images (6) (1)

I wonder if the author knew about the law of attraction when she wrote this book or if it was just happy coincidence. I wonder why I never noticed the significance before. I wonder if this book, out of the entire series, was gifted to me at such a young age to introduce me to that Law of Attraction. I wonder if it came into my life again when my children were born and when my nieces were born to ‘shove me in the right direction or maybe it’s just a lovely book that holds special memories for me and it is only now that I can see the hidden message because now is the time I am ready to receive it.

Dorrie and the Witch Doctor is available to buy on Amazon along with other titles in the series.

This is my personal recommendation and I have not been paid to promote this book or Amazon.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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The Twelve Laws of the Universe #1

By now many of you are familiar with the law of attraction thanks to the film and book The Secret. Rhonda Byrne opened up a whole new world to all of us, and for that I all forever grateful.

How many of you, I wonder, are familiar with the other eleven laws of the universe and how they each play a part in manifesting the life you truly desire?

Over the next six weeks I will be exploring all twelve universal laws and explaining to you what they are and how to use them in your own lives.

As most of you already know this little blog is my account of my own journey of connecting with the universe and using its laws to achieve my dreams. I have, up until now, only really focused on the law of attraction. I haven’t been able to quite “crack it”, if you like, but then I realised I wasn’t using all the other laws in conjunction with the law of attraction. Although I was getting results I was frustrated because I wasn’t getting results all the time or the results I wanted. It’s like trying to wash up with only hot water and no soap or cleaning tools. It works but not as well as when you use all the tools available together.

For those of you who are new to my blog please check out some of my other posts. You will see that although I started this blog to diary my journey with the law of attraction I also talk about other stuff in my life. I feel it all contributes to what I have learnt along to way. This is my way of showing that’s it’s OK to not always get it right or be perfect. That even though you learn something new, applying it isn’t always easy, especially when you are still subconsciously clinging on to old habits, beliefs and paradigms. I also want to prove that the law of attraction does work. We can all have, be, achieve anything we want. All it takes is a little understanding and practice. Once the penny drops though and you see for yourself for the first time…..everything just falls into place and you will wonder why you didn’t start years ago.

As per usual, I digress. I do that a lot.

The Twelve Laws of the Universe

download (1)

Today I am going to start with the one we’re all familiar with. The Law of Attraction. I’m also going to talk about the Law of Action because I feel these two, more than all the others, go hand in hand. So let’s go……

The Law of Attraction


The law of attraction simply put states ‘like attracts like’. ‘Thoughts become things’. Positive thoughts create positive energy, creating positive things and outcomes. Whereby, negative thoughts create negative energy leading to negative things and outcomes. Everything that is in your life today is there because you created it. You brought it into being by your thoughts and actions. So if you don’t like your current situation, change your thinking. It’s that simple.

If you want good things to happen to you then you have to send out ‘good vibes’. Raise your energy so the frequency you send out is positive and full of love. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Speak from the heart with love and respect. Give freely of yourself. The more you give the more you receive.


I don’t mean that you have to give away all you have so you are left with nothing and have no free time for yourself, but to give freely and with a good heart sends out the vibration that you have plenty and therefore more will be sent to you.


 Be mindful of your thoughts for they create your future.

The human mind has 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. There is no way we can keep track of all those thoughts! The best way to do this is to focus on how you are feeling. Your feelings tell you what you are thinking. If you are feeling good then you know your thoughts are positive and the energy you are sending out is good. If, however, you are feeling low, depressed, angry or sad then you know the energy you are sending out is negative and bad. Therefore, you are creating a bad frequency and you need to change it so you don’t attract more ‘bad’ into your life. The good news is that positive energy/vibrations far outweigh negative ones so a quick change of thinking can wipe out any negative vibes you’ve sent out. A good way to do this is to take a step back from whatever you are doing and think about something that makes you happy. Your children, the smell of flowers in the springtime, your favourite song, anything that brings a smile to your face. I always have a list of a few in case one doesn’t quite cut the mustard then I can try another, or another, until I start to feel my energy lift and my mood change. I also like to play some music. Usually something cheesy and upbeat. I go and sit outside and connect with nature or I look at some photos of me and my family on a day out or on holiday. It doesn’t matter what it is that lifts your spirit as long as you can change that feeling from negative to positive you can change the energy you submit into the universe and change the outcome of what you get back.

It’s never too late to change the way you feel and think, thus changing your future from negative to positive.

The Law of Action


The Law of Action is as simple as it sounds. To manifest what you desire you must take inspired ACTION!

I feel this is of the most overlooked law out of the twelve. I also feel that this is the one that is most closely linked to the law of attraction for it doesn’t matter how much you think positively and focus on your desires they cannot manifest without action.


You must engage in actions that support your thoughts and dreams. Visualisation alone is simply not enough. This is where a lot of us, myself included, fall short when it comes to the law of attraction. We are taught that visualisation, affirmations, vision boards and positive thoughts and feelings manifest whatever we want. However, we are not told (well not as openly) that to manifest these dreams and desires we must first take action. This does not mean that the whole concept behind the law of attraction is a waste of time, because it’s not. It simply means that we must take some responsibility for manifesting what we dream about into reality. It’s a bit like going through the car wash. The car wash does all the hard work for you but you still have to drive up to the car wash before you get what you want. It’s the same with the law of attraction. Our thoughts, feelings, affirmations, visualizations etc all send out our ‘wants’ to the universe but we have to take the action steps required to get us on the right path. The universe will do its part by ensuring that it moves people and circumstances into alignment with what you desire to create opportunities for us to achieve our dreams.

“Anyone that has ever accomplished anything, did not know how they were going to do it. They only knew they were going to do it.” – Bob Proctor

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what actions to take to get whatever it is you want, just visualise yourself having it, keep your thoughts positive and the universe will send you signs and guidance to help you take action. Listen to your intuition. Watch out for signs. Often things will appear to be getting worse before you get what you want. This is just the universe giving you a little shove in the right direction, encouraging you to take that inspired action.

images (2)

This blog is me taking my inspired action and following my intuition. I hope it helps you on your journey to wherever you may be headed.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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Snot & Mascara!

Everything I seemed to have read recently has been about the proceeding struggle before something great happens to us. It is not that I have actively sort out these types of posts or images, they have just arrived at my feet like little soldiers, offering support when I felt like I was losing the battle. All neatly filed in line, one after the other. A constant reminder that the struggle is leading to something great. The lessons I am learning now are preparing me for what is to come. Each little soldier bringing with him his own first aid kit in the shape of a blog post or instagram feed. Gently pushing me forward, even though my heels are firmly planted in the dirt and my fingernails are clinging on for dear life to the tattered remains of what I am leaving behind. Too scared to tip toe forward, as I urged others to do in my post (One small step) not so long ago that I can have the luxury of claiming to have forgotten it.

The trouble with difficulty is that when we are faced with it and when we are going through tough periods in our lives we are often blinded by the circumstances with which we are faced and therefore cannot see where we are going. Sometimes the struggle is too hard and we cannot see a way out. We lose faith in the almighty that this is not forever. This is just preparing us for something better. These are the times when we need to stop and use our senses to envelope the struggle. Hold our faith. Accept that this will pass and from it we will learn a valuable lesson.

I have been finding life hard of late, both at work and personally. Up until today I was coping. I was taking it all in my stride. I was allowing the Universe to do it’s thing and trusting that whatever was going on was not going to last and that I was going to learn something profound from this whole experience. What that would be was not my concern, I just had to accept it and wait for it to pass. Like I said, that was up until today, when for no particular reason, it all became way too much! Oh God, my poor friend at work! I spoke to her on the phone about something very small when the floodgates opened and within minutes my nicely made up face became a picasso of snot and mascara! Not a good look for any woman. This is when all my senses and super powers (see my previous post on our six super powers) kicked in all at once and I was totally overwhelmed with emotion. The trouble was that I was using all these senses and superpowers in a negative way. Let me explain:


Sight – everything I looked at seemed an impossible task. The pile of papers on my desk appeared a mountain of unfinished work. My inbox glared at me like a challenging gladiator, daring me to open up another email demanding more work.

Sound – all the noise around me seemed magnified. The laughter I could hear felt like garish, horror movie clowns surrounding me and mocking my failure

Touch – everything I touched seemed to go wrong. The PC kept crashing, my favourite pen ran out. I caught my finger in the filing cabinet.

Taste – my tea suddenly tasted like the milk had gone off!

Smell – I even convinced myself that because I’d become such an emotional, blubbering wreck that somehow I developed a personal hygiene problem and now smelt like a sweaty camel! (don’t ask, coz I don’t know where that came from!)

Super Powers

Imagination – Oh boy! What fun games we like to play with ourselves when we are having a moment. Like all things imagination, we can get a bit carried away with it, especially when we are imagining the worst. I had convinced myself that due to my total inability to function like a normal employee and cope with the pressure I was the worst employee ever in all of crap employeeville!

Intuition – my intuition was telling me that something far worse that the snot and mascara monster was still to come and the gut feeling I was having was nothing to do with my own overactive imagination and totally out of control mind but because I was picking up on more bad stuff to come.

Memory – well that went out the window with Reason followed closely behind by Will!

Perception – the only superpower left and I think it’s clear what I done with that because it was my, quite clearly, hormonal, twisted, perception that started the whole snot and mascara episode off in the first place!

By the time my friend got to me I was makeup free (all but a few sogging eyelashes being glued together by remnants of mascara), sweaty (but not camel smelly) and exhausted.

I had followed none of my own advice. I had taken no heed from all the books I have read about self care. I did not step back from the situation, take deeps breaths, go and get some fresh air to clear my mind. I did not look at my surroundings and take in the positive. I did not harness my senses and super powers to lift my above the struggle and allow myself to view it from a higher plane of clarity. No. I just imploded into a hysterical, middle aged, very likely menopausal, hormonal mess.


Lucky for me all my harping on about positivity and the Law of Attraction has obviously rubbed ofi on my friend at work. She dragged me away from my office and tramped my round one of our other sheltered housing schemes to visit some tenants. At the time I thought she was bonkers and I protested like a petulant child being dragged to the shops with their mother.


But you know what? It was the best thing ever. I got to catch up with one of my tenants that I’d been trying to reach earlier in the day. I also met up with another tenant that I needed to see to collect some paperwork and had scheduled a visit for later in the week, thus freeing up my time later this week. I also got to meet the resident woodpecker who was proudly tapping away in the tree in the garden and whilst waiting for my lovely friend to finish what she had to do I got to sit on the bench in the communal garden, with the sun on my face and watch as the blue tits and robins flitted about the bushes and trees.


And so inner peace was restored

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised. All the troubles of late are leading me to something better. Although I cannot see it at this time that is what is happening. I must remember to embrace the struggle, find joy in the hardship and seek out the lesson even if it means entering the darkness and facing the monsters.

Maybe that is the lesson I am being shown. Maybe there is another. Maybe the soldiers were there to encourage me to take the first step forward into the darkness. Maybe I was being shown the power of the senses and super powers and how they can be good and bad when not kept in check.

I don’t know. Clearly my lesson is not over. Whatever, my journey is moving forward and I must follow the yellow brick road, like Dorothy, facing whatever challenges come my way. Greeting new friends, foes, fears and triumphs before I get to the Emerald City and all the marvelous wonders this infinite Universe has to offer.


Love and happiness

Catherine xx

Law of attraction

One small step…..


So often we quit because things don’t always go to plan. We reach the first hurdle and decide that it’s too hard so we give up. Or we quit before we’ve even started through fear of failure or rejection (see my previous post Feel the fear and do it anyway!).

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction

Ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Tip toe if you must,but take the step.

Where would you be now if you had taken that first step? What would you have achieved if you hadn’t quit at the first hurdle.


All the great people of this world faced their fair share of hurdles along the way. The only difference between successful people and those who are still sitting at home watching TV complaining they never get any luck is that successful people DON’T QUIT!


So next time you think it’s too hard to move forward, look at where you are, is that where you want to stay? Are you happy with your lot? If you are, then that’s OK to. If not, then take that first tiny step, tip toe gently forward, it may be the best thing you ever do.

Follow what you love. Don’t stick with your 9 – 5 just because it’s the norm. I know it can be scary when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed but life is about being happy, living life to the fullest. We were created to have balance. To nurture our mind, body & soul. How can we fulfil our life purpose if we spend our days working tirelessly at a job we hate, leaving us so exhausted that we have no desire to do anything other than slob in front of the TV when we get home. How can we expand our mind if it is turned to mush through stress and financial worry.  We need time to meditate, to study and to travel. We need to be able to relax completely, allowing our bodies to recharge. We need to be able to experience all this glorious world has to offer. To do this we must have time and be free from financial burdens. To do this we must follow our joy and all these things will follow effortlessly. To do this we must first take that step and vow not to quit!

A brilliant blogger I follow, Wendy at The Brilliance Within wrote an excellent post this week about how we must often experience hardship before we achieve our dreams. Go check out her post Law of Attraction part 4 and while you’re there why not read the previous posts in her Law of Attraction series, they make for truly inspirational reading.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx