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Snakes and Ladders

Hello everyone,

I’ve been very quiet of late, I know, for that, I sincerely apologise.

I recently went back to work after five and half months off. I only started back part time but I immediately noticed the effect my job has on my life! Straight away I started to feel stressed and anxious. I could feel the panic slowly creeping up inside me. There was guilt at having been off for so long, resentment that in all that time nothing had changed. Still the same old faces not doing their jobs, still the same old management, seemingly either ignoring or oblivious to the fact that people were not doing what they should be. My closest friend at work still stressed to near heart attack point trying to run around doing a million and one things while someone else sits back and has a chilled afternoon because they’ve got “nothing to do”. Within the first two days I knew that I needed to make a change.

The reason I’d been off (as some of you may know) was because of a back injury, a back injury that had been made worse because of conditions at work. All those feelings of anxiety, fear, insecurity & resentment had disappeared while I’d been off and apart from my back I was really happy and content. I’d been working on my book, my blog was growing slowly and I was managing to post pretty regularly. All that went out of the window with said return to work!

One thing I’ve learnt on my law of attraction learning journey is that environment and the people you are surrounded with most definitely impacts on your thoughts and feelings, and, as we all know, it’s our thought s and feeling that determine our life.

Our environment, and the people in it, is the CAUSE, to the EFFECT, which is our life!

Boy, is my work environment causing some nasty effects! I had only been back about three weeks and I had already slipped back into old, negative, bad habits. I was tense, anxious, angry, I wasn’t eating properly, I stopped exercising, I was constantly moaning and talking about all the negative aspects of my job. I stopped writing on my blog because I was so tired and, if I’m totally honest, I was feeling very uninspired and just couldn’t be arsed!

Terrible, I know! I’m ashamed of myself. All the the things I talk about, all the things I’ve learned, all the things I’ve taught other people to do, and not to do, I just forgot all of it and slipped right down that slimy old snake, right back to the beginning of the game!

Now this is the point where I could have started to beat myself up and sink even deeper into negativesville but I chose to get straight back into the game and take my first step back towards the ladder to success. I decided that if I continued to let stuff at work bother me, stuff I couldn’t change, then I was just going to keep rolling unlucky die and sliding down those snakes, never reaching the winners square. So, I chose to look on the bright side. I’d had a little wobble, I’ve learnt that whether I get worked up about it or not, nothing is going to change, so I either need to accept things as they are and just worry about what I’m doing and not take on other peoples crap, or, I accept things as they are and do something about changing my situation. So I applied for some other jobs! I don’t know if I’ll be successful, I’ve applied for jobs that are totally different to what I’m used to, but, like I always tell my daughters;

“It’s better to be scared and try, then to not try and regret it.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m scared, but I’m trying. I’ve put myself out there, I’ve thrown the dice and I’ll either climb a ladder or encounter a snake, or, I might just move forward a few spaces closer to the winners square, who knows? At least I’m trying. I’m recognising what makes me unhappy and I’m doing something about it. If I’m not successful this time, then I’ll try again!

That seems to be the resounding theme at the moment. I don’t know if any of you are aware of the campaign here in the UK at the moment in conjunction with the Premier League (football/soccer) and primary school children? Well they have taken the old adage “Try, try, try again” as their campaign slogan. It’s a great campaign and it’s lovely to see so many famous faces getting behind it. Enhancing the lives of our young people by instilling good discipline and working practice in them. Reminding them that success is not always achieved first time around, but sometimes, and more often than not, after many, many attempts and perceived failures.

“There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.” – Tony Robbins

“There is no such thing as failure – just waiting for success.” – John Osborne

The moral of the story is this;

  • Do not beat yourself up for falling back into old habits.
  • Get back on the start square, throw the die and start the game over again.
  • Remember, there is no such thing as failure, only lessons to be learned.
  • Sometimes it takes sliding down the snake in the game of life to remind us where we were going.
  • Life is full of snakes and ladders. They are both blessings.


Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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I cannot believe he didn’t say thank you!Grrr….

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How many times have you let another driver ruin your day?

How many times have you been on the commute to work or the school run and allowed the actions of another person to put you in a bad mood?

Do you feel ‘slighted’ when you let someone out of a turning and they don’t say thank you?

Does your ‘good deed’ then turn into a feeling of resentment that you let such an inconsiderate, bad mannered person out instead of just going by and leaving them stuck?

What right do we have to feel affronted that they didn’t say thank you?

It is not our God given right that when we do a good deed the other person should show their gratitude?

Who are we to judge?

Gratitude, who rather the showing of gratitude is a man made courtesy. We, as humans, have programmed ourselves to think that if we do something for another then they should show gratitude by saying “thank you”. Yes, I agree, it is something that I feel not enough people do, and as a society we should strive to ‘bring back’ good manners. However, it is not our right! We have no right to expect a show of gratitude from another person. Just because they did not put their hand up as they drove off to say thank you, does not mean that they weren’t grateful.

Also, do we do good deeds to receive thanks and praise? If so then the deed is not so good after all. It is merely a means to us making ourselves feel better, hence we feel slighted when we do not receive the gratification we feel we deserve. Good deeds are for the benefit of the other person, making their lives a little easier or better, not for us to receive an ego boost for being such a ‘good’ person!

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If you give with an open heart and expect nothing in return then the universe will reward you. That is reward enough. Do not allow another’s actions to ruin your good intentions. Getting angry by a persons lack of ‘manners’ only results in you having a bad day. Once you allow the resentment of your good actions to seep into your thoughts then you stop noticing the good in everything else around you and instead focus on the perceived mindless, inconsiderate actions of your fellow man.

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The supermarket is a classic example of what I’m talking about. How often do we step aside to let someone by with their trolley only for them to walk past without even looking in our direction, let alone being polite enough to say ‘thank you’ or even send a smile our way! We then spend the rest of the visit grumbling to ourselves about the ‘lack of good manners now days’. I bet some of you have even then gone out of your way to obstruct the other persons path when you’ve met them in the next isle, making them wait until you are good and ready to get out of the way??? Come on, we’ve all done it lol.

Here in the UK we are especially fond of manners. Some may say we are even a bit OTT when it comes to having good manners. We get frustrated when we are on holiday at others apparent lack of manners, when in fact they just come from a different country and culture with different traditions and etiquette. They are not being bad mannered, we just perceive them to be because they don’t fit into our ideal behaviour.

I have to admit that in recent times there is definitely a rapid decline in social etiquette and politeness. Everyone seems to be in far too much of a hurry too have time for the simple things in life like please and thank you. Now there is an expectation that it is our right to be let out of turnings or into a lane on the motorway. We think people should get out of our way in the supermarket isle. What right do they have to block our path? What happened to common courtesy and living harmoniously with one another?

I guess that the only way to change things is to lead by example. Carry on with your good deeds, give generously, but give without expectation. Give for the sake of giving and making another person happy. This act in itself is thanks enough.

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So the next time you let someone out while driving along or move aside in the supermarket isle, don’t feel despondent or resentful if the other person doesn’t show appreciation, just go about your business knowing that your small act of gratitude will come back to you when you need it most. The universe is always listening and responding to our actions.


One final thought. We never know the lives or circumstances of another, therefore we cannot judge their actions. We also don’t know how much our small act of kindness may have changed their whole day. Think instead of giving as a small act of love and your heart will be filled with joy and you will be eternally rich.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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The Twelve Laws of the Universe #3

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In this weeks post I am going to cover the Law of Correspondence and the Law of Cause and Effect. As with all the other laws you will see the repetition and similarities to the other laws I have already covered. There is a fine thread that runs through all twelve laws, linking them together intrinsically reinforcing the fact that to manifest your desires and master the Laws of the Universe you need to incorporate all twelve laws.

The fact they are all so similar makes it easy to blend them all together to fulfil a life of harmony, love, peace and unlimited abundance in every way.


The Law of Correspondence

“As above, so below”

“As within, so without”

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”.


This law states that whatever is happening in your life is a reflection or what is going on in your mind.

Your outer self is a direct reflection of your inner self. The conversations we have with ourselves create the realities we see on the outside. The same goes for the conversations we have with the universe or God. What we send out we receive back.

This should remind us again to be mindful of our thoughts for they create our reality. If you want to know what you are thinking just take a look at what’s around you. If you don’t like what you see change the way you correspond with yourself!

All our thoughts, feelings and beliefs manifest in our outer self.

All that we see in our universe is an outer expression and manifestation of the inner will of the infinite Mind.

This law highlights the fact that absolutely everything you have or experience within the physical world, i.e. relationships, friendships, material possessions, career success, finances etc, were all first created on the inside, in the MIND, and later manifested on the outside. Therefore, everything you experience in life is of your own making. This means that if you want a different reality in the physical plane first you must create it in the spiritual/mental plane.

Michael Jackson knew the answer…

The Law of Cause and Effect

Ralph Waldo Emerson said the Law of Cause and Effect is the “law of laws”.

“What goes around, comes around.”

“What you reap, you sow.”

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Some call it Karma. Some call it Fate. The point is that how you behave, how you speak to others, how you treat others will eventually come back and bite you on the arse!

If you are kind to people. If you treat people with love and respect then ultimately that is what you get back.

I hear you……

“Hang on, I’m kind to everyone but some people are just so rude!”

Let go…… that’s their issue. Just as you will be treated kindly by someone else, when you least expect it in return for your own kindness, they will be treated badly when they least expect it.

My mum always told me that “every action has a reaction”. Every cause has its own effect. Therefore, everything in our lives at this moment is a direct effect of a certain cause. Remember the equation from my post E+R=O Event+Response=Outcome. It’s the same principle. The Cause is the Event+Response, the Effect is the Outcome.

Can you see how these Laws are all linking together? The common thread is this:

  • Your thoughts create your reality
  • What you put out into the Universe is ultimately what you will get back
  • If you don’t like what’s going on on the outside world change what’s going on inside
  • Thoughts are powerful things
  • We can tell what we are thinking but what we are feeling and what we have created
  • We can change our reality at any time by changing the way we think and feel
  • Positive Mind creates positive life
  • Negative Mind creates negative life

So next time you say something, think something or do something think about the effect it will cause. Are you speaking from a place of love and respect? If not are you prepared to accept the consequences of your actions? How do you want to be treat/spoken to?

I hope you are enjoying this series on the Twelve Laws of the Universe and I hope you are learning something that will help you on your journey. If you missed the first two post you can catch up on them here:

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Also I would love to hear you feedback by please feel free to comment.

Love and happiness