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Inbox motivation 

This arrived in my inbox this morning. I get a ‘Secret Affirmation’ every morning. This one seemed particularly relevant this morning as I had been talking with another blogger about some manifesting difficulties they were having and had decided to write a post on tips for manifesting when this popped up!

Seems like a sign to me 😀 Look out for my post on manifesting. In the mean time have a wonderful day 💖

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

Law of attraction · the secret

Believing is key to manifesting

The key to manifesting anything is to believe! You must believe with all your heart that it is already yours. Feel as if you already have it. Let no doubt enter your thoughts. You need only ask once and believe and the universe does the rest.

I have been practicing the law of attraction for a while now and seeing as this blog is supposed to be me sharing my journey with you, so you too can see the great power that is within us all, I thought I should really start to do some sharing!

I’ve been away for a few days and have really missed my blog. The feeling I get when it’s just me and the keyboard makes me realise that this is what I want to do full time. Don’t get me wrong I’m very fortunate in the fact that I love my job. It’s very rewarding and I get great pleasure in going into work every day. No two days are ever the same and no matter how long I work there I learn something new every day. I thank the universe and God every day for being lucky enough to work in a place that brings me so much joy. A place where I can help others and really make a difference. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

Despite this, I don’t feel that my current job is my true purpose in life. Something is missing that I can’t quite put my finger on. This blog helps me fill that void. I know I want to share The Secret with everyone I come into contact with but how I’m going to do that I do not know, that is not my job though, it is only for me to believe and for the universe to deliver.

Still, I digress.

As I said I have been practicing the law of attraction for some time. Here I share with you some of my small successes and even some of my bigger dreams.

The other day I had an argument with my husband. It was something really trivial but it really upset me. Normally he would tell me to stop being so stupid and get over it. But this time I couldn’t shake it off. I went into the bathroom in a temper. As I sat on the edge of the bath sulking and getting even more negative I thought to myself ‘Now listen here. What happened to all that positive thinking you always harping on about? Negative only attracts more negative! Get positive girl!’. There and then I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and focussed. I started to think of things that made me smile. My dog, my daughters playing pranks on each other, the lovely colours of the autumn leaves. Straight away I started to feel better, more positive. Then I said to myself ‘when you walk out of this bathroom he is going to apologise for being such a moody arse and give you and big hug. You are going to have a lovely evening.’ I said it, I asked the universe, and most importantly I believed it. I took one more deep breath and walked out of the bathroom and there he was. all smiles and apologies. He gave me a big kiss and we had a lovely evening, just like I’d pictured.

Not convinced? While I was off work last week my colleague called me to say that the pc’s had been down and so had the phone line (this makes our job nigh on impossible). She told me that although it had been reported the problem was not likely to be fixed for at least another week. She also said that the parking was a total nightmare as there were contractors on site so I would probably have to park elsewhere and walk up. I’m not having that I said on my way to work Monday. So all the way to work in the car I kept saying over and over again that my favourite parking space would be empty and I would be able to drive straight in. I also kept saying that the landline and pc’s would all be working and I would be able to get straight on with my work. I felt it, I believed it. As I pulled up to work there it was, my favourite parking space, all empty and ready for me to pull right in. I walked into my office, turned on my pc as usual and hey presto it came on first time. The landline was working perfectly and I had a very productive day. When I told my colleague she couldn’t believe it and said I must be a magician. I just smiled and said it’s because I believed.

I wanted to go to Rome for my birthday last year. We couldn’t afford it and neither myself or my husband could afford the time off work. I created a vision board with pictures of Rome and all the sites I wanted to see while I was there. I imagined our hotel. I envisioned being right in the centre of Rome, close to everything. Then not long before my birthday a friend of mine told me about his trip to Rome and how he had managed to go on such a small budget. He pointed me in the direction of a great website and said I should have a look. He told me to stay just outside of Rome as it was much cheaper.  I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. It seemed too good to be true. The hotel I picked was right in the centre of everything. It was two minutes from the metro station and five minutes from the Trevi Fountain! My flights came in super cheap and we even got a deal on our airport transfers. I couldn’t believe my luck. When I booked the hotel the pictures showed that it had three floors. It was an old building just like the one on my vision board (I didn’t want an ultra modern hotel when I was going somewhere filled with so much history). Each floor was theme a different colour. Blue, Gold and Red. At the time the film ‘Fifty Shades of grey’ had just come out and I kept joking about how we would get a red room. I honestly believed that we would. Guess what? When we checked in and were shown to our room it was RED! I could stop laughing. I got to see al the sights I had being dreaming of. I was in Rome for my birthday. And everything on my vision board came true.

I have seen a house. This house is way out of my price range. It is a house that has come in and out of my life several times over the last few years for various different reasons. Random events brought it to my attention. I have now started to listen to the messages that are being sent to me by the universe. I have asked for this house to be mine. I have pictured myself living there. I feel as though it is mine. I can see myself and my family there. I can see my office at the back, looking out over the garden. I can smell the roast dinner my husband is cooking in our kitchen. I truly believe that this house is mine and that it is on its way to me. I am not thinking about how this will manifest, I just know it will. I really look forward to sharing my joy with you when I move in.

I feel this has been a bit of a random, rambling blog but it’s just how I feel tonight. I hope my little successes inspire you to try the small things to help you believe you can achieve anything you want.


Law of attraction · The power of thought · the secret

What do you want to change about your life?

No matter how happy we are or how successful, there is always something we would like to change. Whether you’re unhappy with your weight, your current job, your home or your relationship. Whatever it is, it’s all changeable. All you have to do is change your frequency, your vibration. Change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Every thought, every feeling, generates a vibration, a frequency, that goes out into the universe and this then creates what is sent back to you. So if you’re constantly thinking about how much you hate you job, or you’re stressing out about having no money then that’s what the universe will send back to you, tenfold! Even if your thoughts are “I wish I didn’t have to go to work” or “I wish I didn’t have any debt”, the universe doesn’t hear the “i wish I didn’t” bit. All the universe hears is “more work, more debt”. You have to completely change your mindset, how you think. Remember, thoughts become things. Instead of thinking about how much you hate your job, think instead, “I love my job” or “I am working in the job of my dreams”. Believe it, don’t let any negative thoughts creep in. Remember, all you have to do is believe. You don’t need to worry about the how, just believe that what you want is already on its way. The universe will make it happen.

The power of thought is an amazing thing. As humans, we confine ourselves to our physical body. Restricting our potential and our happiness. We are trained from a very young age that there are limits to what we can do, who we can be and what we can achieve. If you grow up in a poor family where nobody has ever really achieved much then you think that this is what your life will be. You get stuck in the social paradigm. This is not so. We all have the power to be whatever we want to be, do whatever we want and achieve amazing things. The power is inside you. All you have to do is believe!

If the law of attraction, the secret, is new to you then this all may sound a bit far out. How can your thoughts change your life? All that you are today is a direct result of what you have thought in the past. Your thoughts are like a shopping list to the universe. If you think you will never be financially secure, then you never will be. Take a moment to think  about how you currently think, how you have thought in the past. Even your subconscious thoughts send out a powerful frequency to the universe and the universe sends you back whatever it is your asking for, like online shopping. You ordered it, that’s what you’re going to get!

Do you dread the post in the morning? Worrying about how many bills are going to come today? Then STOP! All you’re doing is asking for more bills, more debt. Think instead, that you’re getting cheques in the post, letters from old friends or even no post at all. Most importantly, believe it! Soon you will notice those bills stop coming, you’re getting cheques in the post instead of bills. The more you focus on the good the more it will come.

Finding this all a bit much? Start with something small. David Schirmer, better known as ‘the car park guy’explains it best. He says that ever since he first learned about the secret  he would visualize parking spaces exactly where he wanted them and 95% of the time it would be there and he would drive straight in! He says the other 5% of the time he may have to wait a minute or two but then the driver would come and in he’d go. It’s something so small but if it gets you believing then it’s a mind blower. Sometimes we need to prove to our sceptical conscious minds that things really do work. A parking space right where you want it might just be the thing that turns you from a sceptic into a believer and so into a magnet for anything you want and have ever desired.

Start right now. Start with something small or big, it’s up to you. Think about what it is you want, ask for it, believe it’s already yours and it’s on its way, then forget all about it and just wait for it to arrive. If you feel a negative thought creeping in, change it into something positive. Be grateful for what you already have and most of all be happy. Your joy, your happiness, increases the power within you. Being grateful for what you have brings more good into your life and more things to be grateful for.

What will you ask for? What do you want to change about your life?

Love and happiness

Catherine xx