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Manifesting challenge

Morning all, I hope you are all well this morning. For those of you who read my previous post Manifesting challenge  I would like to thank all those who emailed, commented and got in touch.

I just wanted to let you all know that the Robin I visualised for my ‘lucky’ manifestation came to visit me this morning while I was working in my garden. I had totally put the challenge to the back of my mind and was not even thinking about it this morning. I was tending some flower beds when along he came and sat right near me on a stack of old logs I have. I was so pleased to see him and felt really excited that he had privileged me with a visit knowing that I had visualised him coming. I was so excited that I fumbled for my phone to take a picture for you and knocked some plants over, startling him and causing him to fly away. I am planning on being in the garden all day and am hoping he comes back to see me so I can get a picture for you all.

I hope your manifesting is going well and you are having a wonderful Monday.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx


Networking + Share Your Blog

A great blog to follow. Jay is offering a networking & sharing opportunity which I think is a fabulous way to meet new bloggers and expand our community to bloggers we may not come across normally. Go check out Jays blog and join in the fun 😀

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Daily Prompt: Final

Just words:

As I fall into the abyss of sleep. Soft, quiet, solitude envelopes me.  Pain leaves the body. No more feelings of lack, of not being enough. No more body dysmorphia. No more battles with the mirror. No more feelings of loss, of resentment. Head hits the pillow and sinks into what one hopes is eternal rest. White light begins to wash away the black, suffocating fog of mind. Peace. Still. Calm.  No feelings of regret. Inner child can rise and rejoice once more. Innocent. Self loving. All is still for a while. Why must this end? Why must the choking smog of wake return? Can this just be a while longer. Anxiety rising as waking approaches. Darkness threatens. This could be all there is if I were strong enough to make sleep eternal. But I am not strong. The coward prevails and I must face the demons of my mind in waking moment. For now though, dwell in the peace of sleep and the white light of content before black fog descends once more as sun rises over east.

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I Found The “Secret”

Came across this amazing post today. The podcast at the end is amazing!!!


Reblog – The Power and Universality of Hopes and Dreams

Originally posted on Suddenly Jamie

I read this post this morning and I thought you’d all like to read it. A brilliant post that we can all relate to. Enjoy


Daily Inspiration #inspire #motivate #takethefirststep

Sometimes the first step is the hardest but it will be the best thing you ever do!


Mind your thoughts #lawofattraction #inspire #thoughtsbecomethings 

Always remember your thoughts create your reality, so stay positive 😀 🌹