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O.M.G! Look.At.That.Face!

OK, so it’s best I tell you from the get go that this is going to be a bit of a rant!

In my previous post How to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss! I touched briefly on the celebrity portrayal of perfection and how, when we, as mere mortals, see these celebs in all their perfect glory it can be a bit overwhelming and disheartening. There seems to be a culture of photo shopping, cropping, editing, filters, botox, veneers, hair extensions and eyelashes that has transformed your average Joe, or Jane, from plain and ordinary to next level, almost unrecognisable, super model beautiful!

I saw a photo on Instagram today of a reality TV star and I almost didn’t recognise her! It was a beautiful picture and I cannot deny that she looked absolutely stunning. However, she had had her make done professionally (no chance of anything other than a perfect complexion), she had been contoured and highlighted to within an inch of her life, she had false eyelashes, coloured contacts, hair extensions that had then been professionally styled, I know she has only recently had her second set of veneers done, she was sprayed tanned, body contoured, very well lit, she was standing in such a way as to highlight all her best features and hide those not so perfect ones and there was at least one filter on the picture! I wont even get started on the botox and lip fillers! Now I can’t tell you how much effort this one photo must have taken but it was put out there as if it was just another bedroom selfie! Now that is what really got my blood boiling.

I have two young daughters who, I know, both follow this particular reality star. The youngest especially looks up to her as a bit of an inspiration. An empowered young woman who has made a name for herself on TV and now has her own range of make-up and fashion accessories. It’s a modern day success story and one that I would normally commend. There is nothing nicer than seeing someone go from nothing to being a successful, young business person, but, I cannot, and do not condone portraying yourself in such a way that it makes your young, impressionable followers feel like they too have to achieve this unrealistic image of perfection!

The girl in question is only young herself and when she first hit our screens was an awkward, slightly plump, very pretty girl. She had nice teeth, lovely hair, a pretty face and a lovely figure. It was obvious she wan’t comfortable in her own skin, but instead of feeling that she could learn to love herself and blossom from a slightly awkward teenager into beautiful a young lady she has ended up having numerous cosmetic procedures, botox, lip fillers, hair extensions, the list goes on and on. The girl is barely in her twenties!

How did we get to this point as a society? Why do our young women feel they need to do all of this to themselves to feel beautiful. How many horror stories have there been about fillers going wrong and people ending up disfigured, surgery leaving people with life changing scars and disfigurements. Young girls left bald where they have worn hair extensions for so long that their natural hair has fallen out. Why do we need to filter and photo shop every photo we post on social media so that the person we portray is barely a reflection of what we really look like. When did we go from whitening our teeth with baking soda toothpaste to having perfectly healthy teeth ground down to stumps and replaced with extreme veneers that look too big for the mouth and are so straight and so white they look like luminous, white gum shields stuck in our mouths.

What message are we sending our children, boys as well as girls. Where does it stop? When is it one filter too far?

We need to teach our young people that, YES, it is OK to be the best version of yourself that you can be. YES, it is good to take care of yourself and strive to present yourself as best you can. But you don’t need to go to the extreme. You don’t need to alter what God gave you. We are all beautiful. We must learn to love ourselves from the inside and then the outside radiates beauty that has no comparison.

I think it is so sad that people in the public eye, especially young people, are made to feel so inadequate in their own skin that they strive to transform themselves beyond recognition. The trouble is that it’s never enough. The botox fades and needs topping up, each time you need more and more. To start at such a young age is so unnecessary. Lip fillers get bigger and bigger. Hair extensions become more and more. Weight loss gets out of control. Teeth are never quite as white as they were when they were first done. Breast implants still sag after time and need a lift or a tweek or maybe even to just go up one more size. The spray tan needs topping up (since when were we sun kissed all year round like we’ve just been to the Maldives for three weeks!)

Let’s make a point to tell each other how special we are. How beautiful we all are in our own individual ways. Let’s promote self love and self care rather than picture perfect idealism. Let’s see if we can turn this culture of perfection around.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

Law of attraction

The 90 Day New Habit Challenge with Brilliance Within

90 Day New Habit Challenge – Brilliance Within

I just had to share this with you all!

One of my fellow bloggers, the brilliant Wendy over at Brilliance Within is doing a 90 day new habit challenge. The idea behind the challenge is to create new, positive habits and rid yourself of all those old, bad habits that don’t serve your best purpose.

It’s a great opportunity to get yourself motivated and kick start some new habits and, best of all, you can have the support of Wendy’s Facebook group who are all signed up to the same challenge. You can help keep each other motivated every step of the way.

I’ve signed up and can’t wait to get started. I hope to see you all there!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

PS. If you’re not already signed up to the Brilliance Within website then I highly recommend you go check it out. It’s an inspiring blog with everything from fashion, to law of attraction to low carb recipes to help with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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Every Moment Matters

Related image

This week friends of mine have had to attend funerals of two young men in the prime of their lives. They were totally unrelated but the funerals were just a day apart. One was of a murder victim, the other was a young man who felt unwell one day and thought he had a bug, three weeks later he was dead.

Both circumstances so unexpected and heartrendingly sad for all involved. One day they were living their lives and planning their future, then the next it’s all over. As quick as that, no warning, just, THE END!

This got me to thinking about how much we take things for granted in our every day lives and how much time we waste worrying about the most trivial things. Our lives are consumed with going to work to pay the bills and, if we’re lucky, save for a holiday once a year or to treat ourselves to a night out or something new. We are stuck on a seemingly never ending treadmill doing the same old things over and over and not really living.

We take it for granted that we have all the time in the world and that we are going to live to a rip old age. That we will work all our lives to buy a nice house and hopefully have a little nest egg to retire with and that’s when we’ll start living. That’s the time we say we’ll have time to relax and enjoy our lives and go on all those holidays we always dreamed of. But what if that time never comes? What if just as we’re about to retire with your hard earned next egg, ready to start living the life you dreamed all these years of you drop down dead of a heart attack or you become so frail through age related illness that you never get to do any of those things?

What about all those people with long term, terminal illness? That could happen to any one of us. One day everything is fine and dandy, we’re trudging away on our humdrum treadmill, working for the man, then the next day some doctor tells you you have an incurable disease and they don’t know how long you’ve got! It could be weeks, months, years, who knows. That’s what happened to my friend and she has spent the last eight years on death row! I say death row because that’s what it is. You’ve been given a death sentence and now you’ve just gotta ride it out and hope you have enough time and can stay well enough to at least try to enjoy what time you have left.

So why don’t we live our lives?

Why do we just presume that we have all the time in the world?

What’s stopping us from living life to the fullest and making every second count?

Sometimes you’ve just got to live your life like there’s no tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed. We are not promised a minimum of eighty years where we will have good health and a lengthy retirement. Today is what matters, so make it count!

Chase your dreams.

Forgive yourself and others.

Dance in the rain.

Do all the crazy shit you want to do.

Don’t let other peoples drama ruin your day.

Love unconditionally.

Most importantly, be grateful for every second of every day and for every person in your life!

Image result for life is short quotes

Image result for life is short quotes

Image result for life is short quotes

“Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said.” – Unknown

Love and happiness

Catherine xx



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Navigating the Maze of Life

Today I received an email from the wonderful Mary Morrissey directing me to her latest blog post. The post was called Setting Intentions: The Best Way To Navigate The Confusing Maze Of Life Starting Today. I know, a bit of a mouthful isn’t it! Anyway the post was about finding your way through the maze of life to achieve your dreams. Mary got the idea from her granddaughter who had shown her how she completed a maze type puzzle with complete ease by starting at the end and tracing her finger back to the start before drawing the route with her pencil from the start. Mary’s granddaughter told her:

“When you start at the end first, then you know where you want to end up, and it’s easier to find your way.”

Mary said that she felt that this was just like life, and I’ve got to say, I wholeheartedly agree with her. If we know where we want to end up then it makes getting there so much easier. Once we have a goal in sight we can plan how we are going to get there. We don’t need to know our way through the whole maze but we can start to plot our journey.

For example: I know that I want to write a book. I also know that I want to help people be the best version of themselves that they possibly can be. I’m already working on my book. I’ve started to research literary agents. I’m taking small steps each day towards my goal. I know where I want to end up and am making progress. I have also started some life coaching which is turning out to be very rewarding. I feel so blessed to be able to help people become the best version of themselves. I have only been able to take these steps as I have not been in my normal 9 – 5 position for the last few months and have had the opportunity to move forward towards my end goal. However, I will be returning to my job very soon and will have to find other ways to continue with my work and make my way through the maze.

The trouble is we don’t all know where we want to end up so our maze can seem like an eternal circle of confusion. Mary suggests asking yourself four fundamental questions:

  1. What do you love doing?
  2. What would you love to experience every day?
  3. What would you love to create?
  4. What are the problems in your life and what would you love instead?

Let’s look at these individually:

  • What is it you love to do? What brings you joy. Something that you would do everyday for free if you could. 

I have a friend that loves to make cakes. I don’t just mean you basic Victoria sponge here, I’m talking top quality, Cake Boss, Great British Bake Off, Choccy Woccy Doo Dah, Aston Martin of cakes, cakes! Honestly they are the dogs kahunas! I have never seen or tasted cakes so beautiful. Now, my friend would do this all day long for free, and she did for a very long time. One day, however, she realised that this was her joy. She set up a small business from a purpose-built cabin in her garden and now she has a thriving business doing something she loves every day! Oh did I mention that she used to be an Olympic swimmer and that after she had retired and her kids were all but grown up she had a massive stroke and is now considered to have brain damage? No? Well it just goes to show you that with a little bit of determination and a great deal of passion you can achieve anything you want.

Image result for amazing cakes

Not one of my friends as I couldn’t get the image from Instagram, sorry.

To be fair, I think my friend may have always been wired a bit wrong anyway and the stroke is just a ruse for her already wonky brain lol. (She knows I love her really xx)

  • What would you love to experience everyday?

images (23)

For me this is easy. I want to travel the world and see all the amazing places that this wonderful planet has to offer. I want to be free to jump on a plane whenever I want and immerse myself in culture and art and wonderful people. I want to learn all about the different cultures and religions, taste all the great foods, learn to ski, swim with dolphins, watch newly hatch turtles make their first journey to the sea…….. I could go on and on, there are so many wonderful people and places out there waiting to be discovered. I want to surround myself with books so that I can learn more than I ever imagined possible. I want to make it possible for my husband to never have to go to a job he hates and for my children to have every opportunity to become the best they can be.

What would you love to experience everyday?

  • What would you love to create?

Image result for what would you create

What would you create? Do you have an invention or idea that could change people’s lives? Do you have an idea for something that could bring joy to countless others? Have you got what it takes to inspire people and make them great? Can you make great cakes, just like my friend? Are you a writer or painter or dancer or designer? What’s you passion and what could you create?

  • What are the problems in your life and what would you love instead?

Is there something in your life that you would like to change? Are you in a bad or unhappy relationship? Is there something that you could do or want to do that could improve that situation? Do you hate your job? Do you want to move house, town or even country?

Think about these things, but don’t dwell on them. Instead look for ways in which you can improve or change things. Focus on how you would like things to be. Think about how happy you would be if things were as you wanted them to be. Look for positive changes that can be made or worked towards.

So now you know what the end of your maze looks like!

Or at least you’re half way there. Give yourself time to find the end of your maze. If you don’t know what you want it can be a little daunting and you can end up feeling like you’re just stuck going round and round and round with no end in sight! Once you know what you want you can start to make your journey towards your dream life.

Remember to use positive language always, even when talking and thinking about the things you are not so happy with. For example: “I am making positive changes to my diet everyday and am making progress towards my dream body” or “My 9 – 5 job allows me to pay my bills whilst working towards my goal of becoming a bestselling author”.

Don’t beat yourself up if you take a wrong turn, sometimes a wrong turn can lead us to someone or something that we need to progress further along on our journey.

Aim high, as high as you can. Don’t be limited by your habits and paradigms. Smash through those barriers and into a world you never thought possible. Nothing is impossible!

Image result for nothing is impossible quotesThink like Mary’s granddaughter. Children have no perception of what is possible or impossible. To children anything is possible. It is only as they grow and we, as adults, tell them they have limits and boundaries that their view of the world changes. We can learn so much from children and their innocent enthusiasm. So go on, unleash your inner child. Find the end of your maze and start working towards your dream life today!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx





Law of attraction

How can you use the law of attraction to cope with anxiety?


Have any of you ever suffered with anxiety? Maybe some of you have had panic attacks or suffered some form of depression. In today’s society we seem to be hearing more and more about mental health problems. Is this because they are greater now than they were say, twenty or thirty years ago, or is it because we, as a society, are more aware? Is it because we now have so much more knowledge now than we did or is it because we have become more understanding of people with mental health issues? Whatever the answer to these questions the fact is that mental health awareness is a big subject at the moment.

So why does it feel like the help still really isn’t there?

I know there are charities and organisations all over the place that offer fantastic support. The NHS here in the UK has innumerable ways in which it offers help to those suffering from a mental illness. Work places now offer support to their employees. Employees are protected by legislation. But, you see, getting the help you need is not as easy and straight forward as it’s made out to be.

The first hurdle to overcome is getting a diagnosis. Should be simple right, there’s so much support out there. Wrong! The trouble is that the services available, whether NHS, private or charity run, are so overwhelmed with the number of patients that they can’t cope with the demand. That leaves Joe Public bumbling from one service to another, until they can finally get the right support for them.


I know some of you may be reading this and thinking I’m talking out of my backside, but let me tell you that I’m talking from experience. I’ve been in the darkest place. I’ve sunk to rock bottom. I’ve allowed my demons to take over my life and I was nearly destroyed by them in the process!

I know that feeling when you’re at rock bottom that nothing is ever going to get better. That everything is against you. The voices in your head that never let up. The feeling of total worthlessness and utter despair!

I know what it feels like to have that rising feeling of panic for no apparent reason where your throat feels like it’s closing in and you can’t breathe. The nervous anxiety when you are out in public or at a social event. The fear of actually making it to social events! Sweating palms, wobbly knees, feet refusing to step one in front of the other. I know what it feels like. Totally lonely and seemingly never-ending.

Aside from my own personal experiences I have an estranged father who is manic-depressive, a sister who is bipolar (and has been sectioned twice), my oldest daughter suffers severe anxiety and debilitating panic attacks, my youngest daughter has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and two of my nieces (from different sides of the family) suffer with depression! I won’t even get started on friends and work colleagues! You could say that my family has a wonky gene or that we’re all a load of fruit cakes (yes, we still manage to have a sense of humour about it all) or you could just say that mental health problems are more prevalent than they have ever been. Maybe it’s the society we live in, who knows?

So, you see, I come from a place of experience. A place of knowing. I know that mental illness is different for everyone. Whether you are born with it or ended up with it through some trauma or event, YOU can change it.

YOU can make the choice to feel differently.

YOU can let it beat you of you can beat it!


We all know that the law of attraction is all about positive thinking. We also know that it’s all about gratitude. These two things alone can change your whole perspective on life and help steer you on a path to a more positive, happier you.

Image result for the law of attraction and anxiety


When we choose to focus on the negative we start to notice other things in our lives that are negative. We magnify these negatives over and over until they become so overwhelming that we no longer have the ability to see the positive in our lives. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life there is always something to be grateful for, ALWAYS!

For example;

Negative: I grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father. I never felt loved by him. I was frightened of him. He got our family into debt.

Positive: I had a loving mother, sister and grandparents. I had a lovely home. I never went without. My sister and I always felt love from everyone else around us. Our mother protected us from our father when he was drunk. When he was sober my father was the kindest man anyone ever met.

Negative: My parents got divorced. They lost our family home. My grandmother died quite young and very suddenly.

Positive: I’d left home by the time my parents divorced and I’d had a good childhood thanks to my mothers protection. I have the most beautiful memories of my grandmother and I know she is always watching over me.

Negative: I had a nervous breakdown due to my fathers alcohol abuse and how it impacted on my life.

Positive: I had a breakthrough not a breakdown!

Negative: It’s raining

Positive: The rain makes the flowers grow!

I could go on and on………..

There are always two sides to every coin. You can either allow the negative to destroy your spirit and drag you into the depths of despair or you can learn from it and grow. I know some things are harder to overcome than others. There will always be unanswered questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’. There will always be pain. Sometimes mental illness just creeps up on you out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. Anxiety is a bugger for this! It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference.

Don’t be afraid – You are not in this alone. There are people who can help. There is a light at the end of this dark, scary tunnel.

Don’t be ashamed – Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Some of the strongest people in the world suffer with one form or another of mental illness.

Don’t try to run and hide from it – Face it full on, no matter how scared you are. Running and hiding only makes matters worse. You cannot escape what’s inside your head. You have to deal with it.

Seek help – Go to your GP. Speak to friends and family. Call one of the many mental health help lines available. Go to your parish priest. Whoever you feel most comfortable with, go talk to them. Tell them how you feel.

Below are some of the things I used (and still do) in times of stress, anxiety and depression:

I take time to meditate – Meditation is great for calming the mind and body. It centres you and brings about a sense of perspective. It allows you time to clear your mind and re-evaluate your thoughts. Often we get stressed about things that are beyond our control. We lose sight of logic and reason. Meditation brings us back to a place of calm so we can look at things from a more logical point of view.

Can I control this? – If something is beyond our control then why waste countless hours, days and months worrying about it? If we have no control then we must simply let it go and allow the process to happen. It’s going to happen anyway and nine times out of ten the outcome is far less scary than we imagined it to be anyway. Remember, by worrying constantly about something you are emitting a signal of wanting more things to worry about and we all know the universe is gonna keep on sending us what we ask for and we don’t want that do we!

Write it down – I find that if I am feeling anxious about something if I write it down it seems to lose it power. As you put into words what you are anxious about it begins to shrink in its enormity. What seemed like a momentous problem suddenly becomes nothing more than a bump in the road. When we write things down we tend to revert to factual information, without the added emotion created by our anxieties the problem doesn’t seem all that bad after all. Also, by writing things down it gives you the opportunity to figure out solutions to said problems and write them down on paper too. Again, if there is no solution, then it’s out of your control so there’s no point worrying about it after all!

Go for a walk – I find exercise and fresh air can do wonders for an anxious mind. It enables you to clear your head of all those negative thoughts and focus on more positive things like the beauty of nature, the elements or an unexpected smile from a passer-by.

And breathe – Count your breath…… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and again, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…….. it is impossible to focus on anything else when you’re counting your breath, so this simple act allows you to clear your mind and clam down. I find this a great help if a panic attacks comes on as it stops the mind going into overdrive and creating all manner of demons to feed the panic.

Positive thinking and gratitude are hard to summon when we are feeling low, especially if we have got to the point of depression or severe anxiety. However, it is possible, alongside professional, medical help, to overcome our mental health problems and use the law of attraction to create a more positive future. Daily affirmations to reinforce good mental health and self belief are a great place to start. They help to build self-confidence and self-worth, both things lacking when in a place of mental illness. There are lots of great apps out there that deliver daily affirmations straight to your smart phone. You could also find one, or a few, you like and write them down or print them out and have them next to your bed, read them every morning before you get up. Once you begin to feel better about yourself and your situation you can then start to focus on the positive things in your life rather than the negative. Look always for the good in each day, no matter how small. Create a gratitude journal and write in it every night before bed. If something bad happens look for the positive side to it. Ask yourself if you could have changed things and if not then let go. If you could have changed it and didn’t, don’t stress, learn from it and move on. Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go according to plan. There is no such thing as failure, only lessons learnt and steps taken towards success. Forgive yourself, you are only human. Take one day at a time.

Most importantly, learn to love yourself, warts and all. None of us are perfect and we are not meant to be. We are all Gods children and he loves us all (if that’s what you believe, if not then that’s OK too).

I hope you have found this helpful.

Love and happiness

Catherine xx






The Hunch!

OK, so I just had to share. This is great post from an amazing blogger. I’m sure some days Sparkyjen blogs just for me lol. If you’re not already following this brilliant blog I highly recommend you go over and check it out. It is a blog full of beautiful, inspiring, insightful posts that are guaranteed to make you feel good and get you thinking.

Thank you Sparkyjen!

Sparky Jen "No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!"

One Sunday two weeks ago…hunch-clipart-thinking-clipart-woman-has-hunch

I had a hunch.

It wasn’t a gut feeling. It was more like a thought, a whim, a strong impression.

And it involved “thinking” that I should move my brand new car the-hunch-2017-cadillac-xt5up a few more inches to the left edge of my girlfriend’s spacious driveway.

Enter logic!

My mind reported back. Since I’d never had driveway issues here before, I experienced momentary blow back.

Even though triple garage doors were just off to my right, it was still Sunday.

She had recently come home, and was waiting for me so we could go for a 2-3 mile walk around her neighborhood.

Her husband and son typically take it easy on Sunday. Every time I’ve been over on a Sunday, neither one has ever left.

So…what logical proof did I have that pulling my car up any farther would matter???


Caution: Logic and…

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How to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss!

Weight management is a huge business in today’s society. Every day there seems to be a new pill or drink to take or a new exercise regime that claims to top all it’s predecessors in it’s weight loss success. Every celebrity (and non-celebrity) has something to say on the subject. Most having their own brand of miracle set to transform us all from mere mortals to uber toned, sleek, god like images of perfection!

Social media is flooded with reality TV stars who started their careers as ‘normal’ people with wobbly bums and tums, natural boobs, faces with bumps in their noses, spots, hair that wasn’t always perfectly blow dried and lips that weren’t inflated like exploding airbags. These ‘stars’ have now miraculously transformed themselves, seemingly over night, into such visions of perfection that it leaves the likes of you and I looking in the mirror ready to buy into anything they want to sell us so we too can achieve this totally unattainable perfection!

They claim to have attained their god like figures through eating and exercise plans that they have developed and can now pass on to you and I, at a cost of course! We can sign up for subscriptions, buy their food supplements and protein drinks, exercise dvd’s, cook books, multi-vitamins, gym wear, hair extensions, eyelashes, make-up……. the list goes on and on!

Yes, they are honest about their journey from hitting rock bottom, being overweight and their struggle in such a cut throat industry but at the end of the day they are still only trying to sell us their products.

Whatever happened to good, honest, healthy eating and exercise? When did the lines get blurred between reality and a snapchat filter?

At forty something I realise that I may no longer be in my prime when it comes to silky smooth, wrinkle free skin. My boobs may be lower than they were ten years ago and my bum may now resemble a deflated balloon. All this I am aware of. I am also aware that if I exercised a bit more, ate a bit healthier and drank a little more water (and a bit less wine) I could feel a little fitter, look a little better and a little younger. However, my little pea brain wants to know why I can’t look like the ‘celebs’ on my Instagram feed! The body dismorphia demon sits on my shoulder as I look in the mirror and whispers sweet (more like sour) nothings into my ear.

“…so and so is the same age as you and look how great she looks…”

“…are you boobs supposed to look like that? Celeb A has a cracking set of knockers and she’s ten years older than you!”

“…how come you can’t eat a burger and have a figure like what’s her face…”

Oh God, the torment goes on and on! What my demented pea brain fails to realise is that ‘so and so’ has a face full of botox, a make up artist, a personal hair dresser and a stylist all at hand to get her TV ready three hours before she goes on air. Or that ‘Celeb A’ has had her knockers lifted, boosted and tweeked more times than anyone cares to recall and ‘what’s her face’ has a stream of personal trainers to kick her butt back into shape after said burger (probably the first proper meal she’s had since 1989! Meoow!).

OK, so that’s a bit harsh. The truth is, as beautiful as these celebs are (and they are most definitely beautiful) they don’t do it alone. They have ‘people’ to do their hair and make-up, they have their wrinkles erased, they have personal trainers and nutritionists and they also don’t work your standard nine to five. Their whole life is scheduled for them. When to eat, sleep, workout, go out, holiday, the list is endless. As glamorous as it all seems it is bloody hard work and they probably have less free time than you and I. Most have an amazing work ethic and sacrifice more than we will ever know to have the ‘celeb’ lifestyle and look we will buy anything achieve.

So how can we achieve our dream bodies and fitness goals?

How can we use the Law of Attraction to lose weight and get fit and healthy?

The answer, the same way we use the Law of attraction to achieve everything else in our lives!

Belief. Visualisation. Affirmation. Commitment. ACTION!

  1. BELIEVE – You must have total faith and belief that you can do this. If there is any doubt in your mind the signals you send out to the universe will be negative. You must keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high so the signals you send out are what you want to get back. REMEMBER, thoughts become things. If you don’t believe you can do it then you have already failed!
  2. VISUALISE – Visualise yourself fit and healthy. Picture what you will look like once you reach your goal. Imagine yourself taking regular exercise and eating healthful foods. Allow your visualisation to create strong feelings of happiness and gratitude at having reached your desired goal. Feel how good you feel and how much you love exercising and eating healthy. Picture yourself in that perfect outfit or looking hot in your bikini! Visualise people complementing you on your success and imagine how that will make you feel. Write your vision down and read it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed until it is so ingrained in your subconscious that it feels like reality.
  3. AFFIRMATION – Say daily affirmations. “I AM fit and healthy”, “I AM at my perfect weight”, “I AM enjoying eating healthy foods every day”, “I love exercising and it makes me feel so happy”, “I love myself, inside and out”, “I am a beautiful person”. REMEMBER it is so important to love yourself inside and out. If you do not learn to love yourself from the inside then it won’t matter what you look like on the outside, you will never be happy. Beauty comes from within. Without self love no amount of healthy eating, exercise or make-up can make you happy. 
  4. COMMITMENT – You must commit to the changes you want to make. Without commitment it is all just an empty dream! Set yourself small, achievable goals. Don’t over commit or you will fall at the first hurdle and give up feeling worse than you did when you started. Small goals are easier to achieve and will give you a real sense of achievement when you reach them. You won’t feel overwhelmed either and are more likely to stick to your plan. Don’t quit, even if you do fall at the first hurdle. Pick yourself up and start over. Remember One small step…..
  5. ACTION – YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! All of the above are empty words without action. The most important step in utilising the Law of Attraction is taking action! The Twelve Laws of the Universe #1

Start today, not tomorrow or next week, or after the weekend or your sisters wedding or you grans birthday. Start right now! Make the decision that you are going to commit to getting fit and healthy right now. Believe you can do it! Visualise! Start your affirmations! Make a commitment, even if it’s just telling someone what you plan to do (you are more likely to stick to something if you tell someone else about it because you then feel committed and won’t want to feel silly by not doing what you said you would). ACT! Start today!

Good luck everyone!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx